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    Hello from Tokyo

    Hello, I'm a Turkish guy living (studying) in Japan. Nice to meet you all and I hope I will not bore you with my pro-Turkey-EU talk :blush: see you !
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    Immigration All the Islamic-inspired terrorism we don't know about

    There have been a lot of Islamic inspired terrorism in Turkey too. and some obscure assasinations against laic (atheist) journalists or writers.
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    Politics Should Turkey Join The EU?

    I dunno. The way I read her statement she says like you can look at the faces of two Turkish people from mainland and the coast and you can tell they're different - and Turkish person from the coastline is Greek descendent. It's straighforward and not exactly true. Turkey is a very mixed...
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    Politics Should Turkey Join The EU?

    I would say it's little bit racist assumption to make. Though the cultural and political differences between coastline and mainland Turkish people kind of verifies this assumption. Just have a look at this map of the 2009 local elections in Turkey ...