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  1. AlfonsoVIII

    G25 European heatmap G25

    Distance to: AlfonsoVIII 0.02295468 Spanish_Andalucia 0.02591446 Spanish_Castilla_Y_Leon 0.02654392 Portuguese 0.02690827 Spanish_Cataluna_Terres_de_l'Ebre 0.02757777 Spanish_Castilla_La_Mancha 0.02780675 Spanish_Galicia 0.02921485 Spanish_Murcia 0.02930081 Spanish_Valencia...
  2. AlfonsoVIII

    K12b aDNA (Dodecad K12b)

    Distance to: AlfonsoVIII 12.18798179 Salzmuende_MN:I0802:Lipson_2017 19.43717315 Salzmuende_MN:I0800:Lipson_2017 19.72442902 Bell_Beaker_LN:I0113:Mathieson_2015 20.33609353 Bell_Beaker_LN:I0111:Mathieson_2015 21.52699468 Bell_Beaker_LN:I0108:Mathieson_2015 23.64131342...
  3. AlfonsoVIII

    K12b Modeling with aDNA

    Distance to: AlfonsoVIII 7.34514125 La_Tène:Czechia_I17139 7.65247672 La_Tène:Austria_I11701 7.90293616 Hallstatt/Early_La_Tène:Hallstatt_C-Early_La_Tène_IA:NOR3-15:Brunel_2020 9.29362685 La_Tène:Hungary_I18489 9.97614655 La_Tène:Austria_I11699 10.03927288 La_Tène:Austria_I11708...
  4. AlfonsoVIII

    K15 Comment my Eurogenes k15 results

    You can compare with my K15: AlfonsoVIII,11.58,36.15,4.1,4.43,21.21,7.45,10.42,1.78,0,0.08,0,0,0.29,1.76,0.75
  5. AlfonsoVIII

    Films & Series Favorite Historical Movies

    My top 10: Braveheart by Mel Gibson. Il primo re by Matteo Rovere. For Greater Glory by Dean Wright. Taras Bulba by Vladímir Bortko. Furious by Dzhanik Fayziev. Mongol by Sergei Bodrov. Dragon Blade by Daniel Lee. The 13th Warrior by John McTiernan. Beowulf by Robert Zemeckis. Apocalypto by Mel...
  6. AlfonsoVIII

    K12b Eupedia Ancient Ethnicities Checker: reliably compare your DNA to ancient populations

    Last time I apparently miscopied my coordinates from Dodecad K12b (I had 3.83 in Gedrosian and I copied 38.3), so here are my corrected and historical phased results. My Epipaleolithic to Chalcolithic results: 3.75231455 45.40% Chalcolithic_Bulgaria_(n=9) + 54.60%...
  7. AlfonsoVIII

    K12b Eupedia Ancient Ethnicities Checker: reliably compare your DNA to ancient populations

    My results: Distance: 32.70028899 BB_Poland_Czechia_Hungary_(n=23) 33.85032644 Western_Scythians_(n=28) 34.01211843 Roman_&_Visigothic_Iberia_(n=31) 34.05055359 Medieval_Catalonia_Valencia_(n=9) 35.30625582 Bell_Beaker_Gaul_(n=13) 35.45073765 Villanovans_(n=2) 35.82748665...
  8. AlfonsoVIII

    How about R1b-A8053 (and subclades A-8051 => FGC37100)?

    Hello everyone. I just found out that my paternal haplogroup is R1b-A8053 => A8051 => FGC37100. It seems that it is a very minority haplogroup and I hardly find information about it. In FamilyTree there are only a few people belonging to A8053, of which 28 are FGC37100. Within FGC37100, there...