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  1. Kisuan

    23andMe 23 & me- East asian VS. dodecad and euro-West asian??

    Ah, you're welcome. But don't take my statement too seriously. There is, of course, still a chance your Russian side might not care this lineage. 0.1% is very very small. It likely came about after many, many generations of mixing, so it's not like you could go through family records of a few...
  2. Kisuan

    23andMe 23 & me- East asian VS. dodecad and euro-West asian??

    Interesting info milacek. I'm not an expert myself (my apologies), but as a quick mention, I don't think it would be out of the ordinary if some of your Russian ancestry carried this East Asian admixture. From population studies, 'Eastern-like' admixture just seemed common in small amounts in...
  3. Kisuan

    Bagpipe Music

    I absolutely love bagpipe music. Fitting for many occasions, unique and always inspiring to my ears. Not sure if many people love it as well, but I thought a thread specifically meant for it wouldn't be bad since it's such a characteristic instrument! Unfortunately, I just know the well known...
  4. Kisuan

    Guess the origins of another footballer!

    He might be well known, I'm not sure. But just another person to guess if anyone is bored and curious. :)
  5. Kisuan

    Guess the nationality of this actor!

    I'm afraid this actor might be well known, especially to certain members here. :/ But if you don't know him, feel free to take a jab! I think he's common on anthropological forums too, but it would be fun seeing opinions here (+ I personally think Eupedians are more open-minded). :) Feel free to...
  6. Kisuan

    Guess the origin of this soccer player/footballer!

    If you know him, please do refrain from answering till some other people get a shot to guess! Making these threads are going to be fun!
  7. Kisuan

    Vlach haplogroups & deep ancestry?

    That's interesting. Have you heard of this group Diurpaneus? When I was looking over the Migration period and especially demographic changes, I found this little insert in Wikipedia. They were hypothesized to be Vulgar Latin speakers (there aren't...