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  1. X_Naruto

    Religion Buddhism

    Buddhists see (or strive to see) people, times, things, etc., for what they really are. Those who do not are clinging to delusions; delusions, I might add, that cause people to crave after things that are impermanent and (in the long run) cause unhappiness. (Your forum Buddhist)
  2. X_Naruto

    Greatest Dutch contributions to the world ?

    Heineken!! My favourite!!! Oh, and my aunt (by marriage) happens to be Dutch. ^^
  3. X_Naruto

    Ethics Notions about Good and Evil

    Forgive me if I ramble but here goes.. I have long argued that there is no such things as 'Good' or 'Bad' because these things are culturaly and historically located and generally speaking they can be measured on a sliding scale of just 'How bad' or 'How good' which leaves lots of areas rather...
  4. X_Naruto

    bush doesn't know what he's doing

    If he's not, then he's doing a well job faking it! :okashii: