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    Do you have an "Anatolian bump" at the back of your head?

    I'm thinking of the Inion, not the Occipital bun. Looks like this It's possible that I have confused the Inion and Anatolian bump as being the same thing, the Anatolian bump seems to be described as being bigger than the ordinary Inion.
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    Who do you think are the greatest Asians in history?

    I think the most interesting person is Emperor Meiji, but Buddha takes the price.
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    How do you eat your spaghetti ?

    With a fork, a knife, and ketchup.
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    Who is the worst traitor?

    Surely, Judas is the most historically famous traitor in the history of man, whether the story is true or not.
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    Who are the greatest Germans in history?

    Martin Luther, and hey, I'm not even protestant.
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    Are you vegetarian ?

    I'm not a vegetarian, but I do have some guilt when it comes to eating meat. Especially chicken, there's so little meat on chickens that it feels like wasted kills.
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    Society Should cannabis be legal in every country ?

    I've known people who would smoke pot every day, and judging by those people I'd say there certainly are side-effects to cannabis. They all became paranoid over time and they all ended up believing in different kinds of crazy conspiracies. I still feel it should be allowed for medical cases though.
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    The Gay Marriage Controversy

    I believe the government should approve any gay marriage, but it should be up to every priest whether he wishes to marry gay couples or not.
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    Who Will Become The Next Superpower?

    I suspect China's economy bubble will soon burst, I'm going to go with India.
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    How many languages can you can speak ?

    1. Swedish (native) 2. English (fluent) 3. Japanese (studying)
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    Do you have an "Anatolian bump" at the back of your head?

    The Anatolian bump (also known as the Inion, and protuberantia occipitalis externa) is a bump at the back of your cranium right above your neck, it is called so since some people believe people of certain Turkic descent tend to have them, there is however no proof or research done as to whether...