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    Religion In what God(s) do you believe ?

    Originally raised as a baptist. I have seen alot and have my own opinions now so i'm kinda undecided. looking for a new religion. :balloon:
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    What do you think of homosexuality (and gay marriage) ?

    I picked the last choice. Because they are like normal people and deserve the same right as anyone. My god thier human, some people act like that becaus they like the same sex they are a different species! :p :relief:
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    Let's talk about the election results

    you and me both....florida of all states... *Shakes fist at all Bush supporters who waved at him yesterday on the side of the road after work....*
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    Didn't Know I Was Unamerican

    Isnt that the truth :( Its a shame of what money could be used for but instead used needlessly....Thats sad...
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    Religion why are not u a muslim?

    I've read this thread from time to time, :souka: And certain things should be thought about....At disregard this, I shall not get into this. :souka:
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    Didn't Know I Was Unamerican

    Well, First time i seen it. I liked it! :wave: How do you find thise things? :?
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    Republicans file suit for encouraging people to vote

    :balloon: "Opens people eys and and get kicked in the ass when your not looking" Pooor Moore :relief:
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    "Reputation Points" : RULES

    It wasn't by any agreement. I'm going to look for these points. :souka: [Edit] I went and searched for the Reputation post thread and that thing was gone. Well since you have the points which post did it come from? And they mention thier name because everybody mentions thier names when they...
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    Religion Do you believe in Heaven and Hell?

    I blieve this Heaven and Hell thing is a sort of control factor in life. More times then most your in hell with a small chance at heaven every now and then. You know just to keep the heart moving. But you yourself determine how bad your hell will be and how many pieces of heaven fall in your...
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    "Reputation Points" : RULES

    Beg for Reputation points!?!? As in my sig? I have had that since this was started. I don't believe i have ever asked for a reputation point?? I might have commented to other people that "Wow Frank had like 6 balls I can't wait for mine to grow that large" Its not implying that i'm begging for...
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    Religion Do you believe in Heaven and Hell?

    I'm going to hell i'm a GOAT!!!! [Capricorn=December 29,1983] :balloon:
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    The Opinion Game

    Neither :: ANubis!!!!!!! :-) Egyptian or American ?
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    The Opinion Game

    neither-drive a car. Snicker or butterfinger....
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    The Opinion Game

    T.V. the most easiest to get information, and you can do it while :ramen:
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    Mediterraneans want to be liked, Northern Europeans prefer not to be disliked

    I think I understand this somewhat.... I personally believe I fall into the Southern bracket. I more concerned wheteher I impress someone. And the fact that i'm not going to get someone's approval dosen't faze me much. I mean if you could get everyone's approval there wouldn't be a need to have...
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    Question what do you look for in the opposite sex?

    [Shakes from Satori and kirei's legs...] OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoooooo :blush: I love some different color eyes. Like a tropical forest Green. I could loose my soul in it... :bluush:
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    Question what do you look for in the opposite sex?

    this is basically like your poll question but more directed to men.....and women who love women! Like how i love women! :giggle: :hihi: :balloon:
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    Question what do you look for in the opposite sex?

    OoOoOoOoooooo--I picked humor. i don't know who picked nice feet. [two votes when i started this] Now you have to be specific, do you mean physical or mental aspects of that perfect girl. I will break it down for ya! :blush: Let's see: I love humor, somebody who has something going for...
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    Kobe Bryant is free!

    When everybody around me lost faith in kobe i stayed true and said she ain't gettin not a dime, and he's innocent! And now look! Freedom never looked soo good on paper :-)
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    Which period of (Western) history are you interested in?

    I agree with Frank!!!!! I change my answer!!! Long black silky black hair :hey: :blush: :bluush: