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  1. razyn

    Help in defining my R1b haplogroup

    In case you are still celebrating Christmas -- the R1b and Subclades haplogroup project at FTDNA has very recently been reshuffled in such a way that it's much easier to spot your matches, or near-matches, from their STR results -- and deduce your terminal SNP, or at least the one that would be...
  2. razyn

    Z196 needs to be in the literature, alongside its brother clades U152 and L21

    Results for DF27, parent of Z196 -- and for its numerous subclades (the SNPs for most of them begin with the letter Z) that have become testable at FTDNA since this Z196 thread was begun -- are easiest to find in this FTDNA project: In that...
  3. razyn

    R1b in Iberian Peninsula, France and the British Islands

    It's a sort of plausible history, for a small fraction of the Y-DNA of that part of SW Britain. But it isn't really established that the said fraction came from Iberia to the Isles, as opposed to the opposite; or perhaps it went to both places from Morbihan; or to all three places from...
  4. razyn

    Where did R1b L51 originate?

    It is worth mentioning that M167 isn't a "main subclade" of P312, on the level of L21 and U152. That distinction currently goes to DF27, parent of Z196 (and of several of its less prolific brothers, one being the Scandinavian L238). Z196 has two large branches, Z209/Z220 (the North/South...
  5. razyn

    Z196 needs to be in the literature, alongside its brother clades U152 and L21

    I haven't posted on this for about ten weeks, but a lot of testing has been done in that time. Thomas Krahn has updated the draft tree at FTDNA today, and it is expected that the ISOGG tree will be very similarly updated in the near future. Here is a link to the most current version...
  6. razyn

    Major new paper on haplogroup G : new peaks in NW Caucaus, Palestine & Corsica

    Thomas Krahn has expressed different, but equally negative, views in a new thread about this paper here:
  7. razyn

    Photographic records of Y-DNA lineages

    As I mentioned a few days ago on another thread, several years ago rms2 (who posts here) started a long running thread (on a forum that has ceased to be) about photos of our Y-DNA ancestors. There was never any serious limit on that, and in several cases the photos actually were of paintings --...
  8. razyn

    Bell Beakers from Germany: Y-haplogroup R1b

    I'll give it a try. Does anybody object in principle to the notion of including Y-DNA descendants, as well as ancestors, if it's the same line? It will be a new thread -- I'm only asking here because this is where I brought it up, and there have been several responses.
  9. razyn

    Bell Beakers from Germany: Y-haplogroup R1b

    Hear, hear! Although I am in fact bald, like my gr-gr-grandfather (and his other male-line descendants). And by the way, rms2, some years ago (when there still was a DNA-Forums, and you were still active on it) you started a thread about photos of our Y-DNA ancestors. It's now gone to the...
  10. razyn

    z196+ subclasses

    There has been a Z196 thread on this forum since last summer. A good many of the links in it have stopped working because of the demise of DNA-Forums, but there is still some good background information there. The most active and best informed...
  11. razyn

    R1B1A2A1A1B what now?

    Thomas Krahn's draft tree of the R haplogroup was updated a week ago to include some results of newly testable SNPs in the North/South Cluster side of Z196, for which Pvg1949 was not tested (with the single exception of M153). Those that are new, and specific to Z196, are Z209, Z220 and...
  12. razyn

    Z196 needs to be in the literature, alongside its brother clades U152 and L21

    Of the first fourteen reported results for the Z209 SNP test, twelve were positive; and all of these twelve had the characteristic off-modal STR marker pattern that has defined the North/South Cluster: DYS437=14, DYS448=18, and GATA H4=10. (The only exception is one person who had only...
  13. razyn

    What is your thoughts on SRY2627?

    If you call it M167, you may find different stuff. L165 seems to be its near kin, so that one also needs looking at -- before making wild guesses about the Ice Age, the Great Flood, or something else totally too early, under L176.2. I'm trying to work down the other main branch of Z196, where...
  14. razyn

    Genetic make-up of France

    I have a little trouble with the handwriting, and maybe spelling -- not so much with the French, but it's pretty straightforward except for a few words. It's from the parish register of a refugee church, isn't it? Anyway, if you go to Google Maps and enter Saint-Césaire, France for your...
  15. razyn

    Z196 needs to be in the literature, alongside its brother clades U152 and L21

    As I understand it, ISOGG doesn't show things that haven't been confirmed by SNP testing. Until this week, there was no test available for Z278 (previously called rs1469371). It is now testable. Presumably there will be some positive results in the near future, and then this SNP will be...
  16. razyn

    Z196 needs to be in the literature, alongside its brother clades U152 and L21

    Anyone in the North/South Cluster of P312 (discussed in post #17 above) may be interested in the fact that FTDNA has just made available a SNP test for Z209. In the near future, I am told (by the FTDNA help desk), they expect to offer Z278 and Z214. All three of these SNPs are under Z196* and...
  17. razyn

    Dedicated haplogroup pages

    I sympathize a little with Ray about the difficulty of posting links, it seems arbitrary and capricious. And I had the same problem, when I tried to start a thread here about Z196. But I agree with Maciamo that, once one is forced to study the rules, it is bone simple to post ten times -- and...
  18. razyn

    Veneti / Venedi / Wends (OFFTOPIC Y-DNA Haplogroups R1b-U152/S28)

    I said "in boats," not "by sea," so I don't know what your quotation marks have to do with this. (Another guy said something earlier about the sea, but not this.) Anyway, y'all enjoy arguing with each other, and I wouldn't dream of interfering. Even that is interesting, in a pedantic sort of way.
  19. razyn

    Veneti / Venedi / Wends (OFFTOPIC Y-DNA Haplogroups R1b-U152/S28)

    I suppose I should have said, potentially the more interesting, &c. -- if true. And your objections on etymological grounds include a couple of "probable" and "may be" hedges. So, objection sustained -- if true. I really wouldn't presume to know; and I have no ambition whatever to arbitrate...
  20. razyn

    Veneti / Venedi / Wends (OFFTOPIC Y-DNA Haplogroups R1b-U152/S28)

    Originally Posted by zanipolo my guess is the veneti where called veneti by Romans because (a) they came from the sea , as in Roman word Venetus and (b) because Romans did not understand the language they spoke. so, adriatic veneti = from illyria baltic veneti = from letts and...