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  1. ukbulldog

    What Europeans think of each other

    People presume that as Ireland is so close to the uk that they arent always thought as an independent country but through my experiece Ireland and England for example have very little in common except big factors such as main language and the weather pattens.:souka:
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    Reputation points

    I totally agree. But my rep sux so il disable it :bluush:
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    Tell me about it. Im new here and there is like 1k members so were are they all :? Ive seen louds of 1 posters since ive been here maybe thats it..
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    Politics Should Turkey Join The EU?

    I beleive other countries in the EU or in a larger scale the world should have effect on if a country should or should'nt join the EU and should be 100% for the public to decide. I know this wouldnt happen but i wish it happened for the UK as since England joined the EU as we are no longer ruled...
  5. ukbulldog

    What Europeans think of each other

    i found it great to read and peoples perceptions matched perfectly. But if you ask people from inside there own country they would disagree as of expected. Like i disagree about the british being snobbish, although i see were other countries are coming from i beleive its a small minority that...
  6. ukbulldog

    Favorite European Vacation Spot

    I havent got much to compare to as im only 15 but i prefer laid back by the pool holidays such as Greece and Barcelona. But on the other hand i loved it on our 2 nights at amsterdam where we watched ajax beat az
  7. ukbulldog

    Need help!

    Hi herry . It would help if we knew more about what you are looking for but i suppose if your going on a family holiday im going to have to follow suit and say spain due to the climate. Ive been to places such as Barcelona and Tenerife and i would go back in a heartbeat:-)