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    Pretty good. I did note that Rise577 is again my closest match, also I don't know much about Rise150, and I thought that perhaps a couple of the Longobard samples nay have been a bit more prominent in the results.
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    My YourDNAportal results Closest population distances Population Distance BA_Unetice_Czechia_RISE577 0.8138778 IA_Celtic_Britain_Hinxton1 0.9158936 I1767_Beaker_Britain 1.0586737 EMA_Hinxton5_Anglosaxon 1.0802194 IA_Britain_York_6DRIF18...
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    Excellent. What can you tell me about RISE577? It seems to be consistently my closest match.
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    What other samples are you thinking of adding?
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    LivingDNA LivingDNA is way off, but why?

    How soon? Also what is happening with their family networks? I thought the beta version of it, was supposed to available by now.
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    LivingDNA Living DNA launching One Family One World Project in cooperation with Eupedia

    That would be an extremely good idea, maybe their 'Your Ancestry through time" maps addresses this to some extent. Breaking it down into percentages, would be better however, and far easier to understand and more interesting.