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    R1b migration map

    There is a map made by Vincent Vizachero (pdf) showing the distribution in Europe of 4 sub -clades of R1b based upon data from John McEwan. The red shaded areas show the highest frequencies, asuming these are accurate, they reveal some surprising "hot spots" for U106 in the Balkans (apparently...
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    Best DNA Ancestry Company?

    Maciamo, what is your opinion regarding dna tests which estimate your percentage of world population groups, e.g. European, Sub-Saharan African, East Asian or Native Amerindians and Caucasian sub-groups : North & S.E. European, Middle Eastern and S. Asian?
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    New data on Slovak Y-haplogroup frequencies

    Maciamo, have you seen the recent article published on line: "Genetic Structure of the Slovak population..." by Eva Petrejcikova et al? Data from 250 males from eastern Slovakia were compared with other Slav populations from the YHRD database. The authors used the Whit Athey Haplogroup Predictor...
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    Origin of Y-haplogroup subclade S21/U106

    Origins of Y-Haplogroup U106 Thanks for the information Gary. I found your reply by a chance search on google, my thread was moved off the forum after only a short period.
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    Origin of Y-haplogroup subclade S21/U106

    Maciamo, you mention that the high concentration of S21/U106 around Austria hints that it could have originated there in the Hallstatt period. Do you know what the proportion of this subclade is in Bavaria compared to the other R1b subclades in that region?
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    German men find 3000-year old ancestor thanks to DNA test

    Did 2 of the male skeletons belong to Y-haplogroup R1a?
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    Genetic impact of the Great migrations in the Western Roman Empire

    What about the Bavarians? Most of the Lombards migrated to Italy in 568, therefore their genetic impact on the modern Austrian population is likely to be very small, furthermore, they settled in the eastern part of Austria and not the whole country. Most of today's Austrian German ancestry...
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    Y-haplogroup frequencies in Austria & South Germany

    I take your point on the small sample size. On your DNA project page for the "Genetic make-up" of Austria, the total number of samples is only 78. However, I presume that this has been updated since August 2008, as your current table gives different frequencies for Austria. Kalevi Wiik provides...
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    Y-haplogroup frequencies in Austria & South Germany

    Thank you for providing the link to the site listing Y-haplogroup frequencies in Germany.
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    Y-haplogroup frequencies in Austria & South Germany

    I was refering to the sample areas, e.g Vienna, Graz, the Tyrol for Austria; I believe there are 5 to date. Also, for South Germany, e.g. Munich and other places. Your table for European countries are based on average frequency across a wide area; even South Germany has strong regional...
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    Y-haplogroup frequencies in Austria & South Germany

    Hi Mr. Maciamo, Would you please tell me what are the frequencies of Y-haplogroups, including sub-clades, of the various regions of Austria & South Germanyas listed in your table of European countries.