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    Do the French deserve their reputation as weak-kneed?

    Spain won a lot of battles against Netherland, but finally lost the war. However, you wouldn't say that the Wehrmacht was shit because lost WWII war. The disaster of the Armada was small when compared to the brittish disaster during the Jenking's ear war, but I supose you haven't heard of it...
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    Do the French deserve their reputation as weak-kneed?

    The spanish navy of the XVIII c. was better than the french one, at the same level of England's. Napoleon knew it and that's one of the reasons that lead to the franco-spanish alliance wich supposed the disaster of Trafalgar (leaving alone the english as hegemon of the seas)
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    Do the French deserve their reputation as weak-kneed?

    Spain was in war against turks, north african berbers, France, the protestants of all european countries, the amerindians, the english... The victorious swedish army was defeated by the spanish tercios, in Nördlingen...It's nothing speculative, europeans from that period considered spaniards to...
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    Do the French deserve their reputation as weak-kneed?

    From the late XV c. to middle XVII c. Spain dominated war in Europe with a huge diffrerence. France took advantage from Rocroi onwards till the franco-prussian war. By sea, it was basicaly an anglo-iberian business till XIX c. Both iberians and anlgos had a remarkable merit when compared to...
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    Prince William and Kate Middleton marriage

    In Spain catholic, jewish, evangelic and muslim marriages have legal character. They share the same juridical effects with civil agreements. In the end, it doesn't matter what kind of beliefs you defend, a marriage is a civil contract.
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    Economy What do you think about public debt of europe?

    It is necessary to reduce drasticaly the welfare system and bureaucracy. We need less socialism and corporativism.
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    Do Celts still exist?

    I don't know if it's originally celtic, but I can tell you is danced in several parts of Spain, such as la Rioja, Navarra, Aragón and Euskadi. We call it "paloteado" (I think it's not necessary to translate :rolleyes2:)
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    Greatest Spanish contribution(s) to the world ?

    Cigarros were amerindian, taínos to be more precise (I don't remember well, but I think they called them cohiba). But cigarrettes -tobacco inside a paper- are probably a spanish invention. Cigarro is not the same as cigarrette.
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    Should abortion be legal?

    If a woman wants to practise an abortion it doesn't matter if it's legal or not. She'll do it anyways and in most cases without leaving proofs of it.
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    The Celts of Iberia

    Mudéjar art is omnipresent in Zaragoza, believe me. Even we have a muslim palace, the "Aljafería". The muslim -cultural, not genetic- impact in a important part of Iberia is undeniable. Words, buildings, placenames, food... Al César lo que es del César.
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    Do the French deserve their reputation as weak-kneed?

    The french aren't cowards nor weak-kneed, their role in the 30 years war was essential to defeat the catholics, who had controlled the war. In the revolutionary-napoleonic period, and despite the fact they finally lost, they were the best army, fighting against many nations and with little...
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    MtDNA of the Iberians

    Iberia comes from greek colonists, Hispania from phoenician ones. It was the roman adaptation of a phoencian name. Wich is older? I don't know, but phoenicians arrived here before greeks. In any case, both are exonyms and we don't know how natives called this piece of land.
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    Who were R1b1b1 people

    There is a kind of superstition in DNA fora wich contists in matching a single hg with a certain ethnolinguistic group, as if a monoparental mutation carried the language gen. In these days it's obvious that is wrong, but many people assume it was certain in the past, a few thousands of years...
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    the Alpine region (images and its cultures and people)

    This is Bielsa, in the aragonese Pyrennes...
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    Greatest Spanish contribution(s) to the world ? OFFTOPIC about fascism

    Here, since the 70's, socialist means "socialdemocrat" while communist means "real socialist". However, the born of communist parties comes from the III International, when the radical revolutionary socialists considered that socialist parties had betrayed the principle of internationalism by...
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    Greatest Spanish contribution(s) to the world ? OFFTOPIC about fascism

    The socialist party was almost inexistent during Franco's regime, only the communists made something against it. It was a pro-bolshevik party till the arrival of democracy, because european socialdemocracy reorganized them to face the communist party, wich was the best positioned leftist party...
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    The Celts of Iberia

    Yes, I'd like to add that this p* IE toponyms are found in most of Iberia and subsequently seem to be a previous stage to the celtic problem. It's possible that these languages were closely related to celtic, but we'd never say -using an analogy- that oscans or umbrans were latins.
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    The Celts of Iberia

    How can we explain the presence of IE p* in some toponyms of the atlantic façade living alongside with other placenames that have lost it? All celtic languages lack IE p*; it's common sense to mantain that this kind of innovation occured during the ethnogenesis of celtic language.
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    The Celts of Iberia

    IMO northwestern Iberia is as celtic as central Iberia is: something close to zero. We are romance speakers with a roman culture and the elements that could have been attributed to an ancient celticity aren't necessary celtic and are widespread all along Iberia (bagpipes, mouras/moras...) I bet...
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    Were the Iberians considered Celtic by the Romans ?

    The problem with ancient texts is that sometimes geography and ethnicity are confused, overlapped. Iberia had both senses, the first included the whole territory and the second the peoples of iberian ethnos; but usually the term was used to desigante all the inhabitants... Aquitanians are also...