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    Phenotypes of the Portuguese

    Most of the colors in Von Luschan scale don't really exist.
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    Genetic study The Genetic Origin of the Indo-Europeans

    I have seen red ochre even in Paleolithic Cyclades. But they should consider it was used as body paint. There are neolithic figurines with red painted patterns. I assume scholars think they were decorative but in my opinion they may point to the use of body paint.
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    Admixture history and endogamy in the prehistoric Aegean

    I have evidence (internal evidence from the script itself) that those who created Linear B (and thus probably Linear A) were speaking an IE language. Not Greek though. For example 'wheel' could have been something like 'kaklas', 'kakra' etc. Theoretically dialects of Greek had retained the so...
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    DNA study shows Greeks clustering with Africans.

    This is Spanish science. At least Ancient Greeks believed Nubians were good-looking though. Our gods liked them too.
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    Health Cancer maps of Europe

    Diet high in calcium plays a role? Or dairy. Some don't fit 100% like e.g. Finland but some studies have supported a correlation or something. Other than that the best thing about Islam (one of the few) is prohibiting alcohol.
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    Personality Differences in frequencies of MBTI types between nations

    It is pseudoscientific. But the results reflect self-perception. Maybe culture affects self-perception.
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    Politics Will Russia Attack Ukraine?

    The Baltic countries, Poland, Romania have armies and they spend above 2% of their GDP on defense. And Finland around 1.5%. Personally I don't believe Putin would attack and I also think that most NATO countries would help them but I don't believe they are unprepared either.
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    Politics Will Russia Attack Ukraine?

    In Mariupol people cannot leave (about 200.000 people according to the Red Cross) and Russians and Ukrainians blame one another.
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    GEDMatch Greek from Elis (Western Peloponnese) Gedmatch results

    You should consider the possibility of influence of early Slavic (West Slavic) groups and people from N. Italy. My maternal grandmother from Messenia has an essentially adapted/corrupted Venetian name.
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    Society New maps of American fast food chains per capita in Europe

    In Greece we have a local brand 'Goody's'. The parent company though is now owned by a Britain based private equity. KFC had failed too in Greece. Burger King King probably exists only in airports, only for tourists. There is also a Greek brand 'Mikel' that had tried to mimic and adapt the...
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    Who were the people of Trebeniste Culture?

    The interesting (but off topic or not completely on topic) thing about Enchelei is that is that there was a "Mycenaean" with a probably related personal name See here: Enkhelyawon -- Possibly the name of wanax or king of Pylos...
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    Did Milk help the Indo-European expansion?

    When we are babies we are supposed to be eating human milk. And also lactose tolerance is not important for societes that have the knowledge to create e.g. cheese or yogurt.
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    Oldest continuously inhabited cities

    Larnaca is in Cyprus.
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    Genetic study iron age tocharian DNA

    They should have sampled that region first during the 6th to 8th century AD and then make speculations about the migration. I think one word used to refer to themselves in their texts is ārśi. That ś sound can descend, as far as I understand, from the sounds that are reconstructed traditionally...
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    Genetic study iron age tocharian DNA

    The samples are not from the 'Tocharian' speaking area.
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    Society New survey compares percentages of Christians and unaffiliated in Western Europe

    It's not you. The studies are bad. Concerning the EVS study, I have to say that someone 1) can believe in a personal god and 2) be culturally Christian but act as a de facto religiously indifferent person. That is very common here.
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    Politics Here we go again:The populism and dystopia of Italy's new government

    If Greece had defaulted in 2010 (when, for example, 70% of Greek government bonds were held by foreign investors, primarily banks) the problems for German and French banks would have been significant. Maybe manageable, but we can't know what would have been the impact of the default. The...
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    Politics Here we go again:The populism and dystopia of Italy's new government

    Greece should have left the euro 8 years ago. The truth though is that the parties which openly supported an exist from the Eurozone never got more than 1% of the votes. So, Italy is different.