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    J2a/J2 in Iron Age Altais and Russia

    Where did they get the Armenian samples? What's the difference between irArm and baArm? Approx how many J2b Armenians are we speaking about in this study?
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    FTDNA MyOrigins

    Here are my results: Maternal German line is quite huge... More than I was expecting. Paternal Y-DNA match Armenian line might be for the Anatolia & Caucasus, but TMRCA 800-1200 years. North Mediterranen: ? :S Maybe Balkans.
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    Politics Turkish genocide and the US

    The same true for holocaust! Many emancipated Jewish people considered themselves ethnically/nationally Hungarian in the case of Hungary, but of Jewish religion. Same true for the other Central European states as well, and I seriously doubt that it won't be true for Benelux or France! So this is...
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    Politics Turkish genocide and the US

    Anatolia - 500 BC Who where massacred and when? What do you mean by Anatolian? Weren't the Perisans who conquered Anatolia as a whole first? European identity is not so old my friend! It only comes with the Middle Ages, and of course not in the mind of ordinary people, just in soe theoretists...
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    Politics Turkish genocide and the US

    Are you insane? Turkic people came from Central Asia, invaded the land of the people who lived in Anatolia before, and they conquered the area from its native people. If your ancestors are true native Anatolians you can't be Turkic. Today you can be a native Anatolian, who is a Turkish citizen...
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    Less than half of French people think that cheating on one's partner is wrong

    One should be careful with French girls! :laughing:
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    Guess her ethnicity

    I think the European component is Czech. (Although she looks pretty Czech to me, without recent mix! :P )
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    Are Uralic language speakers more closely related to Altaic speakers than Europeans?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but Odin and Thor are Viking, Germanic gods. Finns aren't Germanic people. So why would you like a Viking god theme park? I know there are at about 300 000 Swedish Finns (suomenruotsalaiset) in Finnland, but the majority of the population is Finn. You have Väinämöinen...
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    Guess a pretty female model

    Spain/Portugal or South American.
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    Guess the ethnicity of this soccer player

    My guess was not so far from the reality...
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    Guess the ethnicity of this soccer player

    I think Balkans, possibly South Slavic.
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    How could I kill myself if I am too scared to jump off a bridge or a tall building?

    Not sure if ******** or true... If true first of all you should slap yourself in your face very f*ckin' hard! Then search Google for: volunteer programs in Africa or Asia. There you could actually help people, getting to know a different culture and with years of experience in the field you...
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    What ethnicity does this man have?

    Thanks! ;-) But I still think Balkan J2b and my J2b is a different subclade, they are mostly J2b2 with some J2b1. As for Italy: I know a Tuscan sample from 1000 Genomes who is J2b* M205-, M241- also.
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    What ethnicity does this man have?

    What do you consider Scandinavian in my face? :-D Although my hair is rather dark brown, than black. Same is true for my beard. Do you think that my J2b* is from the Balkans? (Only one J2b* is from the Balkans - namely Bulgaria-, the rest is Ashkenazi, Armenian, Turkish and some W-EU.)
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    What ethnicity does this man have?

    What a surprise, but it's me! :-D (My autosomal results suggests a strong mediterranean line, and my haplogroup is J2b, so maybe that could have a point.) When I was in a summer university in the Netherlands everybody thought that I'm Spanish, and a couple of weeks ago I was in France, where a...
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    What ethnicity does this man have?

    Some more pictures, maybe this helps.
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    What ethnicity does this man have?

    Guess the ethnicity!
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    Which country will be next EU member?

    I agree with Albanopolis! The main reason why Turkey is not in the EU is its size. In a decade Turkey will have a bigger population than Germany. And the good old childless Europe is afraid... If they had been accepted to the EU twenty years ago, the AK Parti won't be in this position. They...
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    Which country will be next EU member?

    Becoming a new member of the EU is not a merit (although I don't think being and old European country could be interpreted as a merit). EU is group of nation who have approx. the same interest. Europe's interest is peace, and without the reconcilation with the Kosovars, Serbs can't ensure the...