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    Geneva II Peace Conference - Syria Civil War

    On 22nd January 2014, peace conference is planned to be held between Syrian government and opposition groups in Geneva. This conference hopefully will be a solution to the crisis and could end the civil war. It is planned to establish a transitional government until the elections...
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    Protests and Bombings in Thailand

    The political tension in Thailand seems to increase with the last bombings in Bangkok in which nearly 30 people injured and nearly 8 people have died since the beginning of the crisis.The protesters aim the resignation of the government headed by Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra. The...
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    Sudan Turmoil

    Started on the 15th of December, the unrest in Sudan seems to finalize with dialogue calls from Ban Ki-Mun and Jen Psaki to Salva Kiir and Riek Machar. The unrest said to be started by the former deputy Riek Machar which belongs to Nuer ethnic group whereas president Silva belongs to Dinka...
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    Machiavellianism in International Relations - The Prince

    When Il Principe (The Prince) was written by Italian historian and diplomat Niccolo Machiavelli the theme "usage of means which can be immoral can justify the aims of the rulers" spreaded to European Politics. Machiavelli mostly discussed the means of a ruler who aims to keep his state in power...
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    Samuel P. Huntington - The Clash of Civilizations

    Huntington in his theory specifies that the era of ideologies and conflicts between has ended now the rivalry is between the civilizations. According to him the main conflicts in the future will occur because of the differences between the cultures. Especially after the cold-war the importance...
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    Syrian Civil War

    The ongoing civil war in Syria which was started on March,2011 can be candidate for one of the most brutal wars in world history. Started as peaceful demonstrations but in following days became a horrible war between Syrian Army and the uprising groups. The opposition was composed of civilians...
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    Are the Northern European countries much more clever than the ones in the South?

    by clever actually i mean working hard or loving to work hard.
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    A New Atlantis Theory

    Atlantis was first mentioned in Plato's Critias, located in the west of the Strait of Gibraltar in the Atlantic Ocean. The rise of the mentioned civilization was around 10.000 years ago and it was really highly advanced one. In many places in the earth, there are many...
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    The British attitude towards Europe?

    Britain is always considered to be much more closer to the US than the EU especially by the continental powers like Germany and France. Maybe that's way EU is a global economic power but lack political unity.
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    Politics Will Ukraine join EU?

    Should Ukraine be a member of EU? Ukraine was about to sign a cooperation agreement with EU which has been suspended by Ukrainian parliament because pressure by Russia eventhough the Ukranian citizens demand the continuation of the process.
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    Are the Northern European countries much more clever than the ones in the South?

    When comparing the North ; Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland.... with South ; Portugal, Spain, Greece, Croatia, Albania, Bulgaria.... the one can notice that the North is working much more than the South. Working hours can be lesser in some countries maybe but their "efficiency" is very...
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    What is your favourite European country (outside of your own), and why?

    I prefer Germany too. Clever and well disciplined people.
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    Middle Eastern Union Ecomomic Community - Dream or Real?

    What if all Middle Eastern countries would unite together in an organization like European Union. Suppose a Union starting from Turkey in the West, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan in North, Afghanistan, Pakistan in the East and Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Oman in South. Very large area including many...
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    Politics United States of Europe

    This is great idea. But before that there are some more countries like Turkey, Serbia, Israel, Georgia, Azerbaijan that should join to the EU otherwise the mentioned United States of Europe will lack power. With its well established organizations and powerpul ecomomy today EU is candidate to be...
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    Politics Should EU Continue to Expand?

    Today consisting 28 member states the European Union is the biggest economic cooperation in the world. Following the WWII, in 1957 started with the European Coal and Steel Community with the Treaty of Rome, it first evolved into EEC (European Economic Community) and finally to its recent...
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    Politics Would you accept Israel as a member of the EU?

    Why not? Together with Turkey, Israel can also be accepted to the EU. Today Israel has a developped industry, especially technological investments. Many of these are being used in Turkey not only in military but also in agriculture.
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    Politics Should Turkey Join The EU?

    In realpolitik, Turkey should join to EU. Not only for economical issues but also political. If EU aims to be a dominant power in the future it should accept the countries like Turkey. This a win-win situation bothe EU and Turkey would benefit with this. Europe will have a say in the...
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    Longest lived empires/states in history

    This is very nice work. Thanks for posting.
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    Genghis Khan was part Turk , ancient Turks were white with red hair and green eyes .

    Uyghurs in the ancient timea were actually the colonies of "Atlantis". The people living in the region were much more different than modern times. Following the "Great Migration" only remnants of the ancient Uyghurs and Turanians could be seen today in those areas...
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    Macedonian Slavs: which people are they genetically closest to?

    There is no distinct ethnic formula for Macedonians. Because the Balkans is the region on which many tribes and ethnic people settled and fighted with each other, one can not says Macedonians are mostly Bulgarian, Turkish or Greek.