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    Why did all Germanic people had red hair?

    According to the Roman historian Tacitus in his work 'Germania' he said that red hair & blue eyes was apparently present among all Germanic peoples:
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    Why Did Christianity Succeed In Europe?

    How did Christian missionaries manage to successfully convert the Romans, Germans and Celts from their pagan beliefs? Did they convert the rulers who in turn changed the laws or did Christianity become popular among the local citizens?
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    Earliest Genes For Blond Hair dates back 16 000 B.C

    The quote below is from Mathieson et al. 2017 (Edit: It appears the report has already been shared on the forum, my apologies)
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    Genes responsible for Nose Shape
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    Guess Her Ethnicity

    She's a biblical theologian in the UK who turned into an Atheist , can you guess her ethnicity?
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    Can anyone identify this language

    Can someone identify this language or anything similar to this language.
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    How is it biologically possible for humans to still carry Neanderthal genes?

    If Interbreeding between two different species causes sterile offspring , then why do humans still carry Neanderthal genes? We all know that when two different species of animals Interbreed with each other they give birth to sterile offspring that are unable to reproduce. We are told that...
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    Why does Icelandic and Arabic accents sound the same?

    I've noticed that Icelandic accent sounds awfully similar to middle-eastern languages like Arabic ect. Could there be some sort of connection or is it just a Coincidence? Sent from my WAS-LX1 using Eupedia Forum mobile app
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    Anyone know who this is or became?

    Is it me or does the pope remind me of Draco Mafloy from Harry Potter Sent from my WAS-LX1 using Eupedia Forum mobile app
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    What If the Phoenicians belonged to haplogroup R1b?

    Did Bronze age Anatolians belong to haplogroup R1b? Did modern Iberians came from Bronze age Anatolians and did they carry haplogroup R1b?
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    Does the City of Jericho really date back to 9000 B.C?

    It seems too unrealistic that Neolithic farmers would be building walls at this point in history , to protect them against who? , hunter gatherers?
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    Did Cro-Magnonon males Interbred with Aborigininal females ?

    I was looking at the DNA of different Paleolithic cultures when I noticed that early Paleolithic males in Europe were from haplogroup C which I understand is mostly Aboriginal & widely found among Australian Aboriginals. And the late Paleolithic males in Europe were Cro-Magnons from...
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    Society Europe is racist

    wow , that doesn't make any sense.
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    Society Europe is racist

    I disagree. ~
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    2600 year old tomb of Noblewoman from Celtic southern Germany

    The Iron age Celts , Etruscans and Germans were all over Europe before the Romans came and invaded everything.
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    Ancient DNA from late Bronze Age Crete to be tested

    But....why? I don't understand , they've already published several reports on minoan mtDNA back in 2013 , it's absolutely pointless if they're planning on doing it again.
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    What Modern Language Makes a Buzz-sound?

    What's your favorite language? What's your favorite language?