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    Its getting scary...... :(

    Unfortunately, Japan isn't a neutral country with peace and security..... remember that they are pals with America and sent troops to Iraq (SDF). I can understand why you are worried and confused though, this world is seriously messed up...
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    Do chain stores create "clone towns" ?

    Although I'm definately in favour of protecting small businesses, I find myself shopping at chain stores for a better deal... but now I live in a small town with mostly small family owned stores. I'm going to try and support them as much as I can. I do miss my 24h Lawsons though... I guess I...
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    What makes you happy

    - early morning and twilight - nature - warm sunshine and blue skies - my husband :rose:
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    Question How individualistic are you ?

    It's all part of the "uchi" and "soto" reasoning. Even when in another country and they are the foreigners (outsiders/ soto) they consider their group of fellow Japanese to be Uchi and anyone that is not Japanese is Soto. This also explains apparently why Japanese tour groups are so noisy!! :p
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    Viewers Say Goodbye to Long-Time 'Friends'

    I have to admit, since coming to Japan I've hired numerous Friends videos.... I didn't really watch it in NZ, but I like to hire some English videos every week and now I've gone through all the Friends videos in the store - but they only have it up to season 7 I think. Clever, funny show :)
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    What if it was a family member (not husband/wife but blood family)? Would you forgive them just to keep the peace in the family? Tough one I guess....
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    Pure? Coke's Attempts to Sell Tap Water ...

    interesting article, thanks satori. Personally I have a hard time trusting any huge food producing company, especially coca-cola... this article shows another reason why not to.
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    Can men wear skirt and be accepted openly in the public?

    I find the male samurai .... costume (forgotten it's name..) really sexy! There's a new drama with Shingo as a samurai.... mmhmm! My husband also got married in a haori hakama... he looked great! Took a little of the attention away from me though.... :p Hubby also has a summer jimbe (sp?) but...
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    Religion What's your religion ?

    I understand why she is angry. My suggestion is to kindly tell them you are not interested and they will leave - or - contact them and ask them to put you on a list of people not to call on. It's that simple. Or perhaps explain to them why you hate them and perhaps they might surprise you by...
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    Do men speak more about themselves than women ?

    I've heard that in Japan quiet men are generally looked up to rather than the talkative types ..... personally I *really* don't like men that talk about themselves alot , if someone is truly talented or has admirable qualities, he doesn't need to tell us. Kind of like that Chinese proverb - an...
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    Where have you traveled to or Where do you want to Travel to?

    Hoping... wishing... to do some travelling on my way back to New Zealand. Definately will do a stop over in Sth Korea but hoping to go to Italy (would *love* to go to Pompeii) , France (originally loved everything French but at H.S French class clashed with Art so changed to Japanese and it...
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    Here Come the Metrosexuals

    I wish my hubby was slightly more metrosexual lol He doesn't care about clothes at all. He did painting in some of his good casual wear and still wears them. When we came back to Japan people actually thought he was being fashionable (paint on clothes is "in" now???) but I had to laugh and...
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    The truth about chocolate

    Doesn't it just mean I REALLY miss drinking coffee?:p
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    The truth about chocolate

    I had a dream last night that I went to my favourite cafe with friends in NZ and I had to order mint tea because Im not allowed coffee...... even in the dream I was feeling the pain.....
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    The truth about chocolate

    Oh you poor thing! I had asthma as a child, but definately not as bad as you. Y'know, this treatment I'm on is not just for my kind of illness but anything..... I hope one day you have the oppotunity to give it a try - it might give you some relief. Going back to the subject of coffee..... I...
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    The truth about chocolate

    CFS is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - means I am exhausted everyday plus a whole heap of others things I wont bore you with ;) Happily, the last few weeks I've had huge improvement :happy: so sticking to this treatment seems to be paying off YAY!
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    The truth about chocolate

    LOL, I can't drink coffee at the moment. I'm going to this Asian style doctor and he says "no meat, sugar, dairy, alcohol plus... no coffee" tough eh, but it's not forever and it's also not to lose weight (although I've lost 5kg) it's for my health. (I have CFS) He did say at the beginning a...
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    The truth about chocolate

    I'm not sure I have tried Sumatran coffee.... but I love trying new coffees so I definately will, when I'm allowed to drink coffee again :( The last few days I have been craving my Mum's chocolate self saucing pudding.... yumm *drool*
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    The truth about chocolate

    It's strange, but I don't get any noticiable reactions to chocolate or coffee. I LOOOOVe both, but I never use coffee for extra energy like most of my friends do - it just doesn't do anything for me. it's been 4 months with no coffee and no chocolate... I am craving a long black and a chocolate...
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    British vs. American English

    and cockney (sp?) don't they -or they did- have their own language almost? e.g "can you adam and eve it?" adam and eve = believe. Is this cockney or am I getting confused with another accent over there? My Grandma was from Yorkshire and I've heard they almost speak another language at times...