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    People with cheek dimples common ancestor?

    I've heard that cheek dimples are a genetic mutation passed down like blue eyes but was unsure if this was true or not??
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    Where did Greek R1b come from?

    I see there is like 15.5% R1b in Greece? Is it because the Italo-Celts migrated through the Balkans from Anatolia or because of Celtic heritage? Or something else? Thanks
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    Roman DNA distribution

    I agree there was some J2 and E before Roman Empire expansion but I think Rome added to it more. I also think that during Roman times, J2 and E was much higher in Argentoratum/Alsace than it is today. I think the Germanics greatly diluted the Roman era genetics in Alsace. Argentoratum was a...
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    Roman DNA distribution

    I mean Italian from the peninsula. We hear so much about the Celts and Germanics in Italy throughout history even after Rome but never Italians elsewhere. We know much about the Normans settling in Sicily and the Germans in regions like Abruzzo because of Italy's record keeping possibly? I know...
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    Roman DNA distribution

    From what I've understood here and from Maciamo is that U152 is an Italic and Celtic marker and occurred before their split. Do you believe that's correct? And don't you think a 500 year settlement is enough to leave a greater genetic impact than 5% J2 in Alsace? That's not just a migration of...
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    Roman DNA distribution

    duplicate post
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    Roman DNA distribution

    Forgive my difficulty I have expressing my thoughts, English is not my first language. Does anybody have any up-to-date info on the Alsace/Argentoratum region? I'm interested in this region because this is where Roman settlement is not known much in genetics due to the fact that they have the...
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    Italy and Switzerland/Alsace migrations

    I see Tyrol is in Austria, which is a fair distance from Alsace. What about further west. Was there a relationship/migrations between Italy and the Alsace/northwestern Swiss region?
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    Italy and Switzerland/Alsace migrations

    I'm interested in the Black Forest, Alsace, Swabian, Swiss region right now. I hear a lot about Italy and Provence/Languedoc relations but I also see areas like Alsace and Switzerland have comparable levels of haplogroup T, R1b-U152, E, G, J2, etc with at least Northern Italy. I also know that...
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    Racism, facists, and seperatist movements.

    I believe everybody will relate most with members of their own race no matter if they consider themselves racist or not. Do I think racism is wrong? Yes. I do not believe any race is superior to another. But I am a nationalist, I am proud of my European heritage, and I want to see it preserved...
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    I'm new to genetics so if this is stupid take it easy on me. :good_job: If U152 originated in the Black Forest, wouldn't it be more prevalent in the surrounding regions? The only place I see it having a comparable presence to Italy is near Alsace/Black Forest, which was a Roman center for...