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    23andMe Share your 23andMe Ancestry Composition

    Hi , I am from France , Champagne region . European 99.9% French & German 36.2% British & Irish 19.1% Italian 6.2% Iberian 2.0% Balkan 0.8% Finnish Less than 0.1% Broadly Northwestern European 22.0% Broadly Southern European 7.9% Broadly European 5.6% Western Asian & North African Less than 0.1%...
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    Films & Series Favorite Historical Movies

    "Ao , the last neanderthal" a french film , and an amazingly beautiful one , I saw it at least four time .
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    Genetic make-up of France

    By the way Maciamo , I just had my results from 23andme , so this is a contribution to the genetic knowlegde of France : my location and paternal ancestry is from Champagne ( 52 ) , and I have : 2,9% neanderthal genes Y-dna R1b1b2a1a ( common around the north see coasts they say ... Doggerland )...
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    Genetic make-up of France

    Your points are very spot on especially about the roman input . The Italic people were originally into the same italo-celtic-proto germanic group before the separation . At the time of the Gaulish war Cesar had no problem to understand the Gauls because the languages were close , and the genes...