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    U.s. Goes To War With Iran ??

    The U.S. knows that Irans claims of their progress is nothing more then bad attempts at trying to fool the world. They may have small progress but nowhere near the capacity they claim. Iran doesn't have the resources to produce any significant amount of nuclear power. So to answer the...
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    Is George Bush doing a good job fighting terrorism?

    Ok, coming from an Active Duty military member, Bush is definately not doing what is best, he has his own visions, rather than a wide view of what needs to be tended to. Although on the other hand, if we had gotten any other president than Bush in office during this period of time we would have...
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    How tolerant are you ?

    I have a pretty high tolerance when it comes to who lives next to me, depending on how they act is what would determine if i like them or not. No matter how normal or weird they are it depends on how they treated and acted towards me that would determine if i liked them or not. :p
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    antimatter guns

    HAHA at what Bob said, anyways colonizing anything in outer space would be a security measure to make sure our species lives on, but who is to say that we are not just a colonizing method done by our species before except from a different planet and moved onto earth? We depleted the earth and...
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    Do you lock your doors?

    I can't say that I have ever made it a point to stress on my self or friends to always lock my doors, we hardly lock the house door unless at night time or when gone, but as far as my car goes.. I don't ever keep it locked, unless a few times when in a bad part of town...
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    Official: Bin Laden Capture Close

    Though many put George Bush down, when it comes down to it out of the guys on the ballot this election... Bush has my vote hands down. These day's its either Kill or Be Killed, peace is never an option. Hence the girl fighting between the candidates for the office.. It is ridiculous, besides...
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    Pup Shoots man

    Seen this story on CNN, was quite funny when I heard about it. I wonder how the puppy got the chance in the first place?
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    Mushroom cloud over N. Korea

    Wow, what a coinsidence this could be eh? I wouldn't doubt it was a nuclear explosion.
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    Man saves a dog by CPR

    Frank, how about your clients cat that got sprayed by the skunk? I don't think I would do that. :p
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    Senate Blocks Bush Move to Ban Same-Sex Marriage

    Men and Women were made to need each other for reproduction. That is how it should be kept. Men + Men and Women + Women would be able to produce together if it were meant to be that way, so I agree with bush.
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    Permanent Hair Dyes Tied to Adult Leukemia Risk

    Yikes, Confucious say "what good is the color of your hair if you lose it all?" :P lol
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    Rights you do NOT have as an American.

    Sounds like the truth to me! LOL Good post..
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    Hollywood horror actor finds out he is an Afghan Prince

    Yeah, that COULD be a good situation until they pop some law that requires you to come rule, and live in poverty with the people :P
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    Is genetically modified food safe?

    heh, but what I am saying is, how do you know the genetically modified "simple plant" won't hurt the human consuming it? Everyone is different so don't use the lab tested excuse, because they cant test EVERYBODY. :wave: And do not take it as I am saying it should not be done at all, as...
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    Q&A : When should I give reputation to someone ?

    To be honest, I have not used the reputation system much.. But now that I think about it I will try harder and begin to use it more, hell the admin's went through the trouble to make the feature available for us, so I will not let it go for no use. :p
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    Do you brush your teeth in the kitchen sink ?

    Yeah it is wierd to me that someone would want to make the extra trip and go in the kitchen to brush their teeth?
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    Is genetically modified food safe?

    I do not really trust it, because if its still not safe to genetically modify human's why should we be eating genetically modified food? Reactions can be bad, because how do you know what properties have changed and will you be allergic maybe?
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    Ronald Reagan dead at 93

    Sad to hear about it, but at 93, that is a long time to live.
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    Americans massacre wedding party; refuse to apologize

    No I am not talking about the streamed footage, have you recently spoken to friends that are military, who are ACTUALLY stationed in Iraq/Afghanistan right now? I speak with a friend who is an Active Duty Army, on watch over a field in Baghdad, He tells me first hand what he has heard, and has...
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    Americans massacre wedding party; refuse to apologize

    Agreed, where did you hear this though? The military, from what I have witnessed in my time spent (only beginning) there is some things, that go on that I can not do anything about... All I can do is what I am told, and obey. There is not many things that I disagree with, but I have seen some...