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    H52: Puzzled By Lack Of Info. Assist Please

    My maternal line ends with H52. I can find very little on this haplogroup which arose from H. I am not informed enough on mtDNA to grasp this. Wikipedia says: mitochondrial DNA is inherited only from the mother's ovum. There are theories, however, that paternal mtDNA transmission in humans can...
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    Beliefs, Spirituality, and why we believe.

    I'm unsure how you measure or qualify "very religious." They had several gods for a variety of reasons and explanations. To me, the more gods they had made their spirituality quite different and less overwhelming than the god of Judaism and Christianity. To have one demanding and vengeful god...
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    Beliefs, Spirituality, and why we believe.

    First, thank you. This will make for a good discussion. My Neanderthal DNA measures 1.5% and Denisovan at 0.4% - At some point I think they will be able to get very close to deciding the degree of spirituality in these people. A good point on widespread spirituality via genetic transfer...
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    Beliefs, Spirituality, and why we believe.

    MY EXPERIENCE I'm finding it extremely interesting that the countries where I-M253 is more prevalent (Scandinavia), they are also less religious, lack a belief in a god especially in Denmark, the location of M253s origin. For an unknown reason, the Czech Republic has virtually no religion or...
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    Viking Gene?

    In reading across the web on I1, I find that people are calling I1 the "Viking gene." I've read that M253 is the "invader" gene or group by British genealogists is from Vikings. This I can grasp since it originated (current evidence) in Denmark and spread in all directions. Obviously Angles and...
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    Can Scientific And Engineering Success Be Attributed To One Grioup? Your Opnion.

    I have much to learn in genetics so I defer to those who are familiar with autosomal. I know what I know scientifically and surely will not claim to know something in a field I barely know. Historically, it seems as though that section of Europe (Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway) create...
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    Can Scientific And Engineering Success Be Attributed To One Grioup? Your Opnion.

    Taking into account the scientific, engineering, and mechanical accomplishments of Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.... in your, the reader's opinion... is this linked to a genetic group? If so, explain. I think I1 --> M253, in particular, are responsible for many advancements.
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    Question of "flow" in I1 chart.

    Thanks Sparkey. That's what I wanted to know. An absolute route without deviation. Now, to you... is the fact that you belong to I2 more important... or that you are further defined by L596? Or is a further breakdown more important? Also... your L596 seemingly ends in the Paleolithic but I've...
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    Do you prefer Y-DNA maps with or withour country borders ?

    I believe you can do both easily and give people a choice. Just have 2 blank maps, make one a transparency with borders and do an overlay. I did that for Wikipedia in several instances.
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    Debate Afterlife: What Will Happen When We Die?

    We return to the elements that are the origins of the universe. All water came from extraterrestrial impacts. We're also carbon units sprinkled with other elements found on Earth. An afterlife is nothing more than a response to fear of death. Heaven, an afterlife... just a relief from the...
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    Question of "flow" in I1 chart.

    When I first looked at the I1 chart on Eupedia, it has M253 (an excellent marker) at the top and as one looks down, it splits to DF29 (I1a) and Z131 with Z131 assigned Western Germanic (I1b). The next level down are: M227, L22, Z58, and Z63. * Keep in mind that my destination is L338 at the...
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    Immigration Mosque plans bring controversy to Tuscan town

    I don't like it at all. I've got genetic markers from Tuscany (Lombard invasion). Odd. Both are invaders and I'm sure the native population of Tuscany didn't like the Lombards pouring in. But that's an infusion of genes, not religious non-sense.
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    Immigration Mosque plans bring controversy to Tuscan town

    Well African-Americans are immigrants but not by choice.
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    Immigration Mosque plans bring controversy to Tuscan town

    An easy answer. Get rid of religion. Sad thing is... is that Christian churches are in Muslim countries but we find the opposite unbearable. Question: Can Islam stand to be in the west with it's music, clothing freedom, freedom for women, and still survive as it is? Can Islam be short-circuited...
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    Im of albanian origin and got I*1

    You act like you caught a disease :smile:. Being a geography buff and major in college and having great interest in Germanic tribes, I'd say it's association with Constantinople to the south, that it came with the raids beginning in 461 AD by Germanic Ostrogoth and Visigoth tribes and just...
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    Most I1 in Europe is not from Germans or Nordics

    You use "Germans," in a loose way... not eastern or western in specifics. I'm unsure who is German to you. Certainly the Goths (both factions) came through to settle the north Black Sea area. The Germanic Lombards and Ostrogoths are known to have taken all of Italy and laid out some DNA. The...