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    Are parents to blame for the way their kid(s) turn out?

    Do you think the way your parents raise you, everything they do and don't do make you who you are now?
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    Question Why do you love somebody???

    ;) Oh..Thanks Himura. Your so sweet. Though I do wish I could just hop into an anime and grab a really cool pretty boy to be my boyfriend!! Heehee...:p
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    Question Why do you love somebody???

    I've liked people before but never got into a relationship, eh maybe I'm just picky..:p
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    Question Why do you love somebody???

    I love everybody b/c everybody is innocent. Like my dog or my little brother. :confused: But love-love, I wouldn't know b/c I'm a 20 year old virgin who has never been in love. I do know that love is very often mistaken for attachment. I think you love someone for the way they make you...
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    Are you vegetarian ?

    I'm a vegan, 100% vegetarian. After I realized what I was actually eating it sickened me and I felt barbaric and dirty. So I just stopped, it took awhile to become a complete vegetarian. It is worth it though because I'm skinner then before and have more energy plus I feel really clean and...