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    Immigration UK's Cameron says immigration ?unacceptably high?

    Yeah I agree that open immigration can lead to some problems with unemployment, and there should be an orderly sytem in place that can regulate what areas can handle a certain number on a given year and its first come first serve.
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    Top 10 Best Modern Militaries/Armed Forces

    South Korea doesnt want to strike or they would. The south wont strike until after another cheap shot from the north. Then the north would be quickly knocked out, two days tops.
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    What is the greatest empire ever existed?

    The United States Empire is the "greatest" to date but will probably be the shortest lived.
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    Who are the Greatest warriors in history

    A well seasoned, modern day US Navy Seal would give any warrior from any time period a run for his money, on land, under water, or freefalling out of an airplane. With or without just about any weapon, at any range from zero to 2000 meters.
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    South versus North Korea.

    Serius2b are you still in highschool? I sence a little nieve hostility from you toward the west, get at the back of a very long line son. NK doesnt have great vision and never has. If we hadnt gone there in the 50s all of Korea would be completely unprosperous and hopelessly miserable. There are...
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    Top 10 Best Modern Militaries/Armed Forces

    Well it all depends on NK if they launch any more missles into the south the south will retaliate. If it escalates from there, the US will ensure the south has everything it needs to criple the north and China will do nothing.