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    UEFA Euro 2020

    Indeed! This is a very different England team.
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    UEFA Euro 2020

    The Scots have never, ever supported England so that's not surprising. Ditto the Germans - England have a longstanding historical rivalry with them. Anyway we're 1-0 up and playing really well so who cares?
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    UEFA Euro 2020

    Controversial penalty or not, England were clearly the better team, and also Denmark's free kick was questionable. Not sure where you're getting this England team being unlikeable. Rashford is a national icon at the moment and the nation here is pretty united behind the team.
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    Admixture studio question (smaller percentages)

    So I bought the Pro version of admixture studio, and I have to admit it's great fun running my data through all the calculators. Most of them seem to be generally accurate for the bigger chunks, such as NW Europe, SW Europe etc. Also what's great is that almost all of the calculators are giving...
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    Interpreting BigY results

    Hi all, I decided to do the BigY with Ftdna just for the hell of it, but realise now I am way out of my depth and my grasp of the results is shaky at best! Embarrassingly, I think based on my level of knowledge (not great) the BigY was overkill. In any case, I am trying to improve my knowledge...