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    Americans about Europe's(and World) geography and stereotypes

    Several different ideas on what East Europe is-
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    East Europe, what is it?

    There are several different geographical divisions. One is in the head of people that where Russia starts, East of Europe ends. But they overlook the fact that Ural Mountains are, Caspian lake, Black sea…
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    Croatia, the other Mediterranean

    Croatia, very nice! Montenegro too! :)
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    What makes Europeans similar between each others, as opposed to Americans

    I lived , both in Europe and in the USA. I believe people are the same everywhere. There are a lot of things that impact somebodies character and most of them are universal for developed world. First of all, we need to see what is common for the Europeans? In your own country, people...
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    The Edict of Milan 1700 Years in 2013

    The Edict of Milan (Edictum Mediolanense) was a letter signed by emperors Constantine I and Licinius that proclaimed religious toleration in the Roman Empire. The letter was issued in 313, shortly after the conclusion of the Diocletianic Persecution. Next Year will be 1700 years from this...
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    East Europe, what is it?

    I think it is wrong to put so many different countries, with different culture, history, origin....under one term. Because of that, people do not know that Serbia is different than Estonia, the same way Portugal is different than Norway.
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    East Europe, what is it?

    Some people say-east Europe for Slavic Countries. However, Baltic countries, Hungary, Albania, Romania, Greece, Georgia, Moldova...are not Slavic. In the Usa too, most people consider former communist countries as East Europe.
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    Vinča, Serbia - Cucuteni cultures 7000 - 2750 BC

    Lepenski Vir - Vinča, Serbia - Cucuteni cultures 7000 - 2750 BC
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    Was ancient Roman lifestyle closer to that of modern East Asia than modern Europe ?

    Half of The Ancient Rome was located in Asia, and also Africa, so that would explain Asian Influence.
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    Americans about Europe's(and World) geography and stereotypes

    I have also realised that being black in America is a separate ethnic group-African American. They are confuse if some people come from Africa to live in the US, and they say we are not African American, but have own Ethnisicty abd country of origin. If some Americans insist to call recent...
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    East Europe, what is it?

    WHat is "Eastern Europe" for you? Slovenia or Czech R. are west as Austria or Sweden are. Finland is farther east or east as Croatia, Poland, SLovakia, Bosnia, Serbia & MN, Albania.... Greece is even more to the east, same as Lithuania, Letonia, Estonia,Romania, Belarus...... West Europe is...
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    Americans about Europe's(and World) geography and stereotypes

    I live for 10 years in USA and this is my expiriance how Americans see Europe and the Rest of the World. I have notice several big stereotypes in the USA, about different regions, nations, races, ethnicity... Most people only consider "Western" Europe to be Europe. UK, Spain, Italy, France...