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    Politics "WOKE" America

    So many kids are bored to death. They are being dumbed down. They are being brainwashed to hate themselves for the Success of American, so looking for a cause and are latching onto anything that makes them feel less privileged. Then you have government leaders using these misinformed kids as...
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    LivingDNA My LivingDna Results

    This map needs updated. I am S2979>E-BY6125>FT191655 with FTDNA (Goode family) but obviously must have came from the same families in this tree. Any help with that??
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    LivingDNA My LivingDna Results

    Johane Do you think my S2979 line is Albanian in this same time frame before moving on? My E-S2979>E-BY6125 into England seems a large leap from the Region
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    LivingDNA My LivingDna Results

    what country or region would the E-S2979? Seems I went from E-V13 to E-S2979 Per YFull, before moving to Southern England with E-BY6125, Per FTDNA Any historical thoughts or Information would be appreciated
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    LivingDNA My LivingDna Results

    I did the Y700 with FTDNA and am E-V13, CTS5856, BY3880,Z5018,S2979, BY6125 Terminal SNP Southern England, I am American 10-12 Generations. So it seems at least 1800 YO my Paternal relative lived in the Kosovo region.
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    23andMe Share your 23andMe Ancestry Composition

    23&Me 58.2% British & Irish 30.2% French & German 3.2% Scandinavian 7.5% Broadly Northern European .2% Broadly Southern European .7% Broadly European .1% Sub-Saran African Trace Ancestry Paternal Group E-V13 Maternal Group W1