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    K12b Dodecad K12b - Maltese results

    I think it a so so answer. So, Malta has experienced multi-culturalism and immigration like other places in Europe. Maltese people are people whose ancestry is from Malta for hundreds of years. Maleth is admixed because of his English foreign ancestor, so he gives a general answer. Maltese...
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    Distribution of haplogroup J1 in Italy (Boattini et al.)

    Yes you are right, but you cannot expect people to go from ignorance to PHD level of knowledge on J1 subclades particularly when it is uncommon in Europe, thought of as being foreign, Jewish, Arabian and so on. No-one says R1b is foreign as it originated in Asia well outside Europe and was not...
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    Just how important were Y-haplogroups E-M34, J1 and T in the LBK culture ?

    J1, e-m34 & t That is why it is important to dna test ancient dna in Europe and elsewhere. J1 supposed to have arisen in Eastern Anatolia probably around the shores of Lake Van, but without ancient dna it is just an interesting speculation. Haplogroups I and J had the same parentage yet no...
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    How do genetic test "calculators" trace your ancestry to different locations?

    Ancestry calculators I would not say that. Those calculators will tell you which part of the world the bulk of your ancestry is derived. You might think a mirror would suffice, but not everyone knows their immediate ancestors or may have ambiguous physical features. What if you were of island...
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    J1 and J2

    Why does J1 bring out the idiots and bigots? J1 is my haplogroup. Personally I find everything I read so far to utter crap. Keep your religions in your mesjids, churches, temples and homes. I don't want to know the rantings of uneducated tribal peoples which so people think are holy and God...
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    Dodecad Dodecad euro7

    Isn't the Far Asian too high for North Africans? Sure you copied the results properly? By the way, it probably is not good form to publish the results of people you don't know or who haven't given you permission. Think about it. Some twerp referred to my STR results and kit number on dna...
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    Dodecad Dodecad euro7

    You are assuming SE European means Arabian from the Arabian peninsula. I am sure the Greeks, the Bulgarians and other SE Europeans would be pleased to have you locate them to Mecca. SE European also includes most of the Italians. I have always considered that the Arabians are a recent people, a...
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    Eurogenes Eurogenes K10 Admixtures

    I think you are taking it all too seriously. I was with Davidski from the beginning. The results depend on who are include or excluded and how many examples of each type. Ever noticed the Tuscans are represented by 8 people, the Sardinians by 28? Unequal numbers must skew the result. Adding...
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    new ancient DNA study in LBK

    Doesn't that large frequency of R1b in Catalonia or Ireland or among the Basques rings bells? It is not normal for any people to have a near unity of one haplogroup. It either means a recent invasion, strange mating practices and severe founder effects. The Yemeni men are over 70% J1! It is not...