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    Thanksgiving offer for DNA Raw Data Analysis

    There is a Thanksgiving family offer from Xcode Life for those who are interested in analyzing their DNA raw data for more information. It is a complete health bundle with Nutrition, Fitness, Health, Allergy, Skin, MTHFR and Precision Medicine.
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    AncestryDNA Free Alzheimer's disease risk report from Xcode Life

    I used my DNA raw data to get a free Alzheimer's disease risk report. I seem to have a APOE variant that protects me from AD. I guess my specialist will be able to tell me more. Yet I think this much better that spending $160 just for 1 gene reports. If this turns out to be useful, as I will get...
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    23andMe South Asian Genome Project (SAGE)

    A worldwide effort called the South Asian Genome Project has been announced by Xcode Life, a genetic testing company. It is open to everyone who has known South Asian roots and wants to contribute to studying more about rare South Asian ethnic groups. Their website has more information for those...
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    23andMe Mother's Day 2018

    Anyone thinking of gifting your mother with an ancestry DNA kit. This is the right time. All top genetic testing companies are now selling their kits at a heavily discounted price. Xcode Life Get an Xcode BRCA Report report FREE with any purchase. May 12th and 13th Ancestry DNA 30% of...
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    GEDMatch 23 and me uploaded to gedmatch

    Ancestry testing does not take into account only 2-3 generations of your predecessors. It goes back almost 500 years in time. Your 13% Iberian may not be because of your parents/grandparents, but somewhere in time your ancestors have been active in places like Portugal and Spain. 23andMe now...
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    23andMe Woman with a Y chromosome.

    I just read an interesting post on how 23andMe reported Y haplogroup analysis in the report of a person who always knew that she is a biological woman. Any thoughts about this? I was thinking about genetic mosaicism and androgen insensitivity syndrome.
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    23andMe Comparing 23andMe chip versions

    A lot of people these days are interested in the raw DNA data file that can be downloaded for free from these ancestry genetic testing websites. This enables them to upload it on third party tools like Promethease and Xcode Life to get additional information about their health for as low as $10...
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    23andMe Great offers on DNA Day this year. All companies have out done themselves!

    DNA Day Offers. As a commemoration of the 65th anniversary of the publication of the structure of the DNA and 15th anniversary of the near completion of the Human Genome Project, leading genetic testing companies are offering discounts. I am really excited! But it is going to be tough choosing...
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    23andMe New regions at 23andme?

    It is rolling out slowly for everyone. A vast majority is still waiting.
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    23andMe New regions at 23andme?

    They are rolling out the results slowly for everyone who has taken their reports. Some have it, a vast majority is still waiting to get theirs.