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  1. himagain

    Inglorious lives of our ancestors.

    When I was young, children in France drank wine with the family. My own USA family, of German ancestry, allowed my brothers and me to drink beer with them. Not everyone becomes alcoholic because most of us are not predisposed to alcoholism. I also wonder if alcohol was not doled out just as all...
  2. himagain

    How European are you? The Guardian poll

    I took the test and am a Eurostar. I have spent time in Europe, it is my ancestral fatherland/motherland. My ancestors all came from Europe in the 1600s and 1700s.
  3. himagain

    Debate How big do you think is the Universe?

    Douglas Adams, in my opinion, was a tolerably great thinker. His writings about the universe, and travel within it, astounded me.
  4. himagain

    Philosophy Do you believe that the Big Bang was the beginning of the Universe ?

    Well, in current scientific thought, the big bag is paradigmaticaly the best way to explain how the universe began. If evidential change in the paradigm should be found, science will probably consider it the best way to describe how our universe came to be. Then we would have another phenomenon...
  5. himagain

    Environmental DNA modifications tied to obesity

    A surgeon told me last month that it seems a new virus that causes obesity mutated in existence in the 1980s. He is a Bariatric surgeon, so I suspect he may be well informed. Has anyone here heard this information?
  6. himagain

    Do you have an "Anatolian bump" at the back of your head?

    I have a noticeable external occipital protuberance, but it doesn't match the size or shape of the Anatolian bump. Although my immigrant ancestors arrived in the colonies in 1732 our genes have are still mostly Germanic and completely European.
  7. himagain

    Men with feminine faces more attractive, study says

    Face style is important as a first impression of a perspective mate, but I think mating on facial traits alone to very superficial. Perhaps personality, shared interests, financial, and other practical attitudes, when taken into consideration, would be a good idea.
  8. himagain

    What is your cephalic index?

    I find my head to be at the juncture between dolichocephalic and mesocephalic. My Y-DNA Haplotype is I1.
  9. himagain

    How important are national/ethnic looks to you?

    All national/ethnic looks are fine with me as long as they aren't scowling judgementaly.
  10. himagain

    Why do American kids call Santa Claus "Santa" instead of "Claus" ?

    I am comforted by Maciamo's hair-splitting on this issue, as I do this myself quite a great deal. But I think also that Franco has a good point in his post on the topic.
  11. himagain

    Animals Elephants have "spoken" language

    My cats use a surprisingly complex group of sounds for communication with each other and with my wife and I. Chirps, throaty sounds, purring, Squawks, howls, Miaows and even shrieks.
  12. himagain

    Abortion: Pro-life or Pro-choice?

    In the USA too many women died from unsanitary and clumsy methods. How the opponents can call themselves pro-life is beyond me. I would prefer to see a grown woman live and be healthy than worry about a foetus. Let sanity continue to prosper in the US as long as possible.
  13. himagain

    Should people learn the language of the country where they travel ?

    I use a phrasebook and speak in the local language as well as I can. A week is usually all the time I can take, but I always try to do my best. If I had six months in, say, France, I would be able to devote time to becoming semi-fluent in the language.
  14. himagain

    Society Should cannabis be legal in every country ?

    YES, cannabis is only harmful to the addictive personality. But then, so are alcohol and tobacco.
  15. himagain


    The only example of the written language of the Etruscans was, I understand, found on linen mummy wrappings in Egypt. A lucky turn of fate.
  16. himagain

    Egyptian civilisation and ancient Egyptians

    Ancient Egyptian culture lasted about four thousand years. Egyptian people in that era(s) included "whites" and "blacks". The society kept changing over time and so did the populations. If you look at their wall paintings you see the different racial types lived together and were all Egyptians...
  17. himagain

    Neurology Some brain questions

    I believe Einstein's brain has been discovered to have more gial cells than the average.
  18. himagain

    Religion In what God(s) do you believe ?

    The "Big Bang" is God. That is how everything was created.
  19. himagain

    Philosophy Atheism - Conceptions and Misconceptions

    Regarding the attitude toward atheism in the USA, I fear that the government here has already, under fundamentalist influence, taken dangerous steps away from separation of church and state. Politicians here seem to embrace and protect " Bible thumping".
  20. himagain

    Greatest Irish contribution(s) to the world ?

    Ah yes, Harp is a wonderful lager...and Guinness...well? I enjoy stouts but I have had many Belgian beers that put Guinness to shame. I think, on the whole, that I shall go with Irish literary figures.