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  1. Silverbackman

    Society German women more religious than German men

    East Germany is far less developed than West Germany, that's for sure.
  2. Silverbackman

    Who are the Greatest warriors in history

    The combined power of the armored tank like elephants with archers, javelin throwers, and musketeers on top reigning down death on the enemy.
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    Who are the Greatest warriors in history

    Oh wait I almost forgot about the War Elephants. Most civilizations that encountered the War Elephant (whether in India, Persia, or Carthage), were pretty much scared shitless until they and their comrades were gored all at once.
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    Mughal India vs Qing China

    The Mughal Empire was India's last dynasty before modern India. The Qing dynasty was China's last dynasty before modern China. The Indian Mughals were the most wealthiest civilization on Earth at the time, while the Chinese Qing were the most technologically advanced at the time. Both empires...
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    UN seeks world ban on indoor smoking

    I thought you were a classical liberal like me ;). What happened? Remember, the definition of liberal is liberty. Thomas Jefferson would not support this smoking ban. Why? Because he knows that Reason leads to trust in the free market, not government. And prohibition, whether it be banning...
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    India not as tolerant and progressive as it wants to appear

    Yea....India has to get rid of their Western obsession and return to their true sex and drug using selves! Just like how Europe found its ancient Greco-Roman legacy during the Renaissance, India must find its ancient Gupta and Chola roots and have crazy European sex.
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    UN seeks world ban on indoor smoking Once again, the UN is acting more and more like a world government. And not a world government based on the enlightened principles or liberalism, but the irrational principles of socialism and/or...
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    India not as tolerant and progressive as it wants to appear

    Those are good questions. I think it has to do with when the Republic of India was founded, and that the political structure is largely unchanged since then. And since British influence has largely ended in India (at least compared to when it was a colony), the local culture was more preserved...
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    Did We Go Backwards From The Age Of Enlightenment?

    Remember the good ol' Age of Enlightenment of Europe? It followed the triumph of science over religion when science proved absolutely that the Earth is not the center of the universe and the Sun is the center of the Solar System. Reason dominated this era, at least among the intellectuals of the...
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    India not as tolerant and progressive as it wants to appear

    Maciamo, you are partially right that India is intolerant to a certain degree. Isn't it a paradox that the land of the kuma sutra and more erotic art than most other civilizations have the most repressed laws when it comes to sex. And kissing is taboo in their film industry. How is all this...
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    Politics What is the best type of government?

    The best type of government is self government. People should run their own lives and not infringe upon the individual sovereignty of others. Some people would call this form of government anarchy. This is a pretty accurate label......if by anarchy you mean no external government (unless you...
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    Is democracy limited to the legislative ?

    The only thing "democratic" about nearly all nations claiming to be one is that elections maybe decided democratically. This however does NOT make the legislative or any elected branch a democracy......because the representatives are not required to listen to the people. In reality, no country...
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    Liberalism & Conservatism : different meaning in Europe and North America

    Maciamo is almost entirely right here. The term "liberalism" in America has been warped to mean freedom in social issues (ie abortion rights, gay rights, and drug rights) and strong government intervention on economic issues (more anti-free market, pro-regulation, ect.). Conservatives are the...
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    *Stopping the Human Virus: Population*

    Yes, humanity must change in many ways. Pregnant women should not take any drugs. And corporations should stop some of their pollution. People can protest at corporations and eventually boycott them if they don't do anything. Either way you look at it, we as a people must do something, not the...
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    *Stopping the Human Virus: Population*

    Yes, coercion is basically what government does, directly or indirectly. However we know that in order to prevent anarchy and ensure peace we need some coercion in our lives. We need a government to coerce people into not killing, rob banks, ect. I think most logical human beings believe...
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    Greatest civilization?

    What about Teotihuacan civilization? It was one of the largest Mezo-American civilizations. As for my pic, I can't really say. Probably a tie between Chinese, Greco-Roman, and Indian civilization.
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    Marriages & divorces are changing the face of Europe

    Maybe, but I have always heard and read that Europe is more socialist. I also read that Europe does have Universal Health Care and in some cases Government funded education until graduate school! That is definitely closer to socialism there. I have also read that Sweden (who is a member of the...
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    Marriages & divorces are changing the face of Europe

    It may have to do with the fact that the institution of marriage has become a corrupt politician's tool for new policies. I know some un-married couples in America that have been with each other as long as most married couples. A union between a man and a woman or whatever is something private...
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    *Stopping the Human Virus: Population*

    Glad to hear that you are at least not for coercing people into population control. That is good to hear. However, if you really want people to stop reproducing government is not the answer. Government interference in anything always ends up with lower quality anything. This includes...