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  1. michi

    How tolerant are you ?

    I voted Drug Addicts, Heavy Drinkers, People with a criminal record, Noisy People All those because of sporadic behavior which may be potentially harmful to the people they live around
  2. michi

    Is Christmas or New Year more important for you ?

    Christmas carols make me :-)
  3. michi

    Lets vote, for president

    There will be mass immigration to Canada.
  4. michi

    What's your favorite rock/punk/alternative band

    David Bowie -not a band, i dont care. Ours Franz Ferdinand Queen London After Midnight Rhapsody
  5. michi

    The Presidential Debates

    :D and he's helping cheney dig himself into a hole right now!
  6. michi

    Le malade imaginaire (the imaginary sick person)

    i've read that people who live Hungaria are the most mentally unstable. highest suicide rate, among other things. gloomy nation
  7. michi


    everyone's basically pointed out what i want to say. that suicide is selfish, idiotic, etcetcetc. also, i think suicide totally degrades the beauty of life.
  8. michi

    Question what do you look for in the opposite sex?

    ok, i'd rather delete this than edit it, so can a moderator please delete my post. thank you!
  9. michi

    Do you lock your doors?

    When I lived in Canada, not so much. Now that I'm living in New Jersey, U.S., almost always.
  10. michi

    The Opinion Game

    o! i broke it as well. Vanilla mostly. Summer or winter?
  11. michi

    The Opinion Game

    Coke! Pepsi's too sweet.
  12. michi

    How Come No One Has Mentioned........

    i'm speechless. i don't know what to say. it's too disgusting.
  13. michi

    New Jersey's governor comes out

    Well, during the press conference his wife was standing my his side, and she didn't look angry. But she didn't have a choice. He apologized to his wife and family in public. They have two young children. I don't know if they're getting divorce...i'm not sure. He's gay, so that'd kind of...
  14. michi

    New Jersey's governor comes out

    article Today, Governor James McGreevey of New Jersey revealed his homosexuality (and extramarital affair with a man) at a press conference. Immediately thereafter, he announced his resignation from office in November. I think it was very brave of him to come out in such a manner. When I...
  15. michi

    Abortion: Pro-life or Pro-choice?

    :) I'm glad everything turned out alright, kirei. :) By the way, I'm pro-choice.
  16. michi

    Are you vegetarian ?

    I need my daily dose of red meat, 'else my life doesn't feel complete. And anyways, It's hard to be vegeterian living in a Chinese household.
  17. michi

    philosophy of life?

    Existentialist am I. Well, when I'm feeling depressed. When I'm not, I see myself living somewhere on the East coast of North America, with a husband and two cats. And I'll be making $100,000 per year as a high school counselor! :-P But, the future rarely turns out the way I expect it to, so...
  18. michi

    which country u like most?!

    has got to be China. nothing comes close.
  19. michi

    Transsexual Muay Thai Kickboxer

    wow. that is surely one of a kind, at least to my knowledge. At first I thought she was woman and then turned into a man, because in the first pic she's a woman, but then in later pics she's a man. yeah...but then i realized I had it all wrong. :-P.
  20. michi

    Religion BBC Special : What the World thinks of God

    Did you know that the most populous Christian church is in South Korea? ------ As for myself, I am atheist. I'd like to say I'm openminded. I attend my friend's Christian church every so often, out of curiosity. I read up on Hinduism and Buddhism.