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  1. SekhemreKhutawy

    Egyptian civilisation and ancient Egyptians

    So what that E-M35 originated in Eastern Africa? All haplogroups have ancestry in Eastern Africa, as this is the region from which humans dispersed to different areas of the world. The fact is that when the people spread in different directions, they, like their genetics, diversified. So...
  2. SekhemreKhutawy

    What do Europeans believe in ?

    I'm a pagan, that follows a variation of ancient Greek religion.
  3. SekhemreKhutawy

    Europe's Oldest Civilization Found

    I'm wondering if this discovery is just a rumor. You would think that we would have heard something on it by now.
  4. SekhemreKhutawy

    Cro-Magnons, Levantines and Indo-Europeans : what do we owe to our ancestors ?

    In C. Loring Brace's article The Questionable Contribution of the Neolithic and Bronze Age to European Craniofacial Form, he says that the link between the Neolithic and Southern Europe is somewhat more apparent. Why would this population's influence be diluted but somewhat more apparent in this...
  5. SekhemreKhutawy

    Cyprus, Greece and Turkey

    I agree with Maciamo on this one. This is a matter of cultural divide rather than ethnic.
  6. SekhemreKhutawy

    Alexander the Great's Tomb at Thassos?

    Archaeologists and Egyptologists are constantly unearthing things. Surely someone will stumble across Alexander the more they look. Hopefully the same will come of Cleopatra too.
  7. SekhemreKhutawy

    Arab Spring, 9 months after

    It is a total shame what these "leaders" are doing to their people. The people of Syria need assistance.
  8. SekhemreKhutawy

    Egyptian civilisation and ancient Egyptians

    No sorry. The Egyptians showed the difference between themselves and blacks, noted by most Egyptologists (Even anthropologists Robins and Schute noted that Egyptians having long limbs didn't mean they were "negroes," as supported by their art). Darker Egyptians depicted resemble darker Middle...
  9. SekhemreKhutawy

    Religion The Bible condones murder, rape and ignorance

    I was never compatible with Christianity. I've embraced my pagan beliefs for a while now.
  10. SekhemreKhutawy

    Why it is wrong to assume that a haplogroup originated where it is most frequent now

    You aren't alone with this POV, it seems, Maciamo. There is controversy surrounding the location of origin for Haplogroup E because of conflicting perspectives, yours being an example of the position that West Asia-proponents take on the matter. I do stand by what geneticists tell us, as they...
  11. SekhemreKhutawy

    Egyptian civilisation and ancient Egyptians

    It depends on what you mean by "white." There has always been an overlap in phenotype between Europeans, Near Easterners, and North Africans throughout time--in prehistory (aside from "Caucasian" craniofacial type), before the emergence of light skin in Europe, when they were likely the same...