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  1. silver angel

    Gender: advantage and disadvantage

    I think..that if I woke up as a man...I'd try to cut it off in fear that an alien was eating me. C: To be honest, I didn't see an actual nude man until my first drawing class in September... Anyways, besides the whole "havin' a period", I don't mind being a girl. I like shiny things, pretty...
  2. silver angel

    Western Europe to face coldest winter in 50 years !

    hey Europe! Give back our weather! I live in one of the coldest cities in the provinces (not territories) and this whole winter we've had at most -20 degree weather. On average, we get -5 to -10 degrees! Heck we're going to get rain soon! There has been only one snow storm this season and it's...
  3. silver angel

    Why Do We Need To Produce Sick Movies ?

    Well another movie that bothers me just as much as Hostel is one that the won't even show in Ontario- Karla. The movie about the sex crimes that happened about 13-15 years ago. I'm sickened that people would actually go see that, and not think about the hurt they are causing the families that...
  4. silver angel

    Question What should be the punishment for rapists and pedophiles ?

    From a document I saw a while back (20/20 or dateline..something of the sort, sorry I can't remember!), many child rapists and pedophiles end up beaten to within an inch of their lives in prison. Even serial murderers and felons find that disgusting. Personally, if my child was molested or a...
  5. silver angel

    Would you try a gene therapy ?

    They've tried it (looooong time ago) with kids that had bleeding disorders like myself. They didn't live long. If it was foolproof and safe, I'd do it to cure my disease.
  6. silver angel

    Smoke-free Belgium

    My city did that a while ago and it's so nice to shop in a smokefree zone and not have new clothing and such smell like smoke. I'm so used to it that whenever I go to the states it's weird to see a smoking section in a restaurant.
  7. silver angel

    Do you lock your doors?

    I'm from a pretty safe city, but my family has worked hard for the things we have, so no matter what, the doors are always locked.
  8. silver angel

    Do/Did you play musical instruments?

    I play at the moment the french horn guitar and trumpet and I'm hoping to learn how to play the harp.
  9. silver angel

    Considering intimate body piercing?

    Ah but Rock, I'm sure it looked good on you no? :blush:
  10. silver angel

    Classical music Which classical composers do you know ?

    Haendel Haydn Mozart Beethoven Chopin (Johann) Strauss Holst Tchaikovski Debussy Shostakovich JS Bach Pachelbel I listen more to wind ensemble composers like Mark Camphouse, Percy Grainger, Gustav Holst and Alfred Reed, but I absolutely love Mozart. Turkish Rondo...
  11. silver angel

    multiculturalism good or bad??

    That PaulFromm site made me sick to my stomach. I don't really know what else to say...
  12. silver angel

    Dismayed Americans consider move to Canada after Bush win

    I think it's fine if people want to move to Canada. People are people. I'd welcome them to Canada, but I'd put people with refugee status or from a harsher background before them. If they feel that Canada is a better place for them, then that's their choice. But that's what I think.
  13. silver angel

    Do Looks Really Matter?

    it worked with Esca. *hugs*
  14. silver angel

    Do you prefer Asian or non-Asian women?

    I usually use the word Spanish to refer to all types of Hispanic people. :sorry: Sorry to all the other Hispanic people out there who find that insulting. I myself am from El Salvador. (which is still visually appealing....sort of.) I guess I could just say El Salvadorian.... :? now...
  15. silver angel

    Do you prefer Asian or non-Asian women?

    ::closes her eyes and crosses her fingers:: someone say spanish girls!!! SPANISH GIRLS!!!1 :D
  16. silver angel

    Be Careful Where You Eat!

    It gave me a small chuckle, but yeah....:o it's not offensive.
  17. silver angel

    This is hot !

    that's intense and I love it.
  18. silver angel

    Abortion: Pro-life or Pro-choice?

    Because it's so easy to shoot a sperm....:D
  19. silver angel

    Abortion: Pro-life or Pro-choice?

    I'm not commenting on the abortion part, because I am personally torn between two views (personally and religiously) But to answer this question, I'm certain that I would let my child be born. Even if it will cost me my career, savings and such. As long as I can be with that child for the time...
  20. silver angel

    Squishy Mogu pillows prove a big hit

    T_T I want one to cuddle with....