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  1. MaraMe


    Which is your favorite city/island/place of Greece?
  2. MaraMe

    Buying a new apartment in Romania

    Hello everyone, I am trying to buy a new apartment in Romania, Bucharest. Does anyone bought anything there lately to give me some advice regarding prices, documents, taxes? Thank you :)
  3. MaraMe

    Perfumes and cosmetics distribuitors

    Hello, my boss told me to find the biggest distributors in Europe of luxury perfumes and cosmetics. Unfortunately, my searching skills suck :)) It seems I can't find anything serious. Do you know how can I search for a list with these companies? Thank you :)
  4. MaraMe

    Immigration European court for Human rights and Sharoia law in Greece

    They recognize Islam as a religion, but I don't think they recognize whatever is bringing with her. As long as you live in a foreign country you must be aligned with that country's system of justice, no matter what you are believing in.
  5. MaraMe

    Politics Greek parliament approves Macedonia's new name

    I live in Greece many years now and I understand that is a national issue and has to do more with greek pride than with anything else. But, let's be honest, pride aside, this is an issue which should be solved at some point. Some president should've had the balls to solve this.