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  1. kirei_na_me

    How much of Dixie do you have in your speech?

    "96% Dixie. Is General Lee your grandfather?!" Grew up in North Carolina.
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    How do you eat your spaghetti ?

    I only use a fork.
  3. kirei_na_me

    Cultural table manners

    When eating spaghetti(which I rarely do), I just use my fork. I never use a spoon, although I guess that's "proper". I never use a knife, either. I just use my fork to cut it and pick it up/wind it. I do not do any shoveling! :p My maternal grandmother has always been big on table manners...
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    Religion Anti-Religious Threads. Alternate views.

    Freedom of speech, religious beliefs, "hide" functions, censorship, etc. aside, this has come down to two members making their spat a public spectacle. It's ridiculous. And also, why should the administrators make drastic changes to this forum to appease two members who can't seem to get...
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    Religion Anti-Religious Threads. Alternate views.

    In one way, I really hate to see this thread, as it is a rebuttal to a rebuttal thread, and all these rebuttals are making me dizzy. It's so much like the petty behavior when you are mad at someone you're right next to, and you use a third party to do the talking for you, even though every word...
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    Don't ignore the 'ignore list'.

    There has to be some kind of limits in a forum like this. This is not just some free for all. I think it's a fend for yourself type thing, mostly. It's upon yourself to act in a mature manner. I mean, it seems most of us are past the grammar school playground stage. N'est-ce pas? Thomas &...
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    Religion How do Religions Impose their Beliefs and Cause Harm?

    I have said this before, and I know I'm going to sound diplomatic, like I usually do, but... I do take the "live and let live" approach. As long as people do not try to force their beliefs on me, and treat me with respect, I don't care what they believe. If it makes them feel better about...
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    Smoke Pot, Yes or No?

    I used to smoke MJ all day, every day for a few years. I'm not exaggerating, either. I would stay up all night taking bong hits and doing shotguns, sucking on a hooka, rolling joints, loading bowls. It never stopped. My best friend had a pound under her bed at all times, selling it out of...
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    Religion Skeptic Quotes on Religion and the Bible

    I'm loving those George Carlin quotes. Well, all of these quotes. It's sort of ironic that a lot of people I know claim Thomas Jefferson as their great founding father, but yet, they support the Ten Commandments being put up in a courthouse or learning about Jehovah in school. If you know...
  10. kirei_na_me

    Question Smoking poll, do you smoke?

    I have smoked on and off since I was about 18(freshman at college). I bought my first pack of cigarettes at 14, but I never really inhaled... :p Anyway, I go through phases. I'll start smoking, smoke for a few months, and then quit for a year. I've been on the longest smoking streak that...
  11. kirei_na_me

    What kind of cheese do you like to put on your pasta ?

    Ah, Spaghetti of my favorites!
  12. kirei_na_me

    What kind of cheese do you like to put on your pasta ?

    I always buy a block of parmesan cheese and grate it on my pasta. I love it. Cheese is one of my favorite foods. Gruyere is, by far, my favorite cheese. I always have a block of it in my refrigerator. I think I'll grate it on my pasta next time! Good thread, Maciamo. I love my cheese! :p
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    Paedophiles, Justice and prison sentences...

    Kudos for Tsuyoiko! Once again, she's summed up how I feel perfectly. I think we were separated at birth, Tsuyoiko! :p
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    Animals What is the best thing about animals?

    I was disturbed when I saw the poll options. :okashii:
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    American English: Regional Dialects?

    I definitely have a southern accent, but I try to use proper English. Well, most of the time. It depends on who I'm around. I call my mother and father "Mama and Daddy", I call one grandma "Me-Ma" and one grandma "Nana". I call a sandwich like that a "sub". I say "y'all" all the time, don't...
  16. kirei_na_me

    Who Will Become The Next Superpower?

    I have been thinking China for a few years now. It just seems they're getting more and more powerful economically. Not to mention all the manpower they have. I just get a feeling they're up to something big.
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    Belated Goodbye to Pat Morita
  18. kirei_na_me

    gay marriages
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    What is your favourite American TV series ?

    M*A*S*H is a great show. My dad loved it too, and I remember watching it with him when I was very young, maybe three and four years old. I watch it on Hallmark Channel sometimes now because it brings back good memories. I love Hawkeye!