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  1. Luc

    Does Your Country Have A Scouting Program ??

    We got scouts in Canada, there's different kinds I don't really know the whole deal about them but some wear weird uniforms with a sorta belt on their shirt. The other one looks like there in the army, dressed in dark blue with a beret. I've never had a girl scout come to my door to sell me...
  2. Luc

    Attention US voters....

    vote for communist party that's a good waste of a vote
  3. Luc

    Dalai Lama in Canada

    Thanks, I asked one of my co-workers about this and he told me all about it.
  4. Luc

    Dalai Lama in Canada

    I've been seeing this guy on TV for a while. Now I'm looking at him talking in the parliament. He's talking about China and Tibet just what is happening?
  5. Luc

    You're Dead!! Oh No!! Now What??

    I want something kool, like being cremated and my ashes made into keychains so my friends or family can wear me around. Or be trown back into the sea where I cam from lol
  6. Luc

    Here Come the Metrosexuals

    I'll never be a Metrosexual, since I'm lazy, I hate shopping and I'm a cheap bastard.
  7. Luc

    Too Much Sleep Not a Good Thing

    Its pretty much up to you. Since in the same article Ontarian scientist said when you wake up you should feel refresh ,just because you wake up in a spasm doesn't mean you had enough sleep. Some countries have a siesta, and for those who don't if you feel sleepy around supper time it is a sign...
  8. Luc

    Too Much Sleep Not a Good Thing

    I saw an article in the news paper like 2 weeks ago that this Japanese professor made a study saying if you sleep more then 8 hours a day you could die a premature death.
  9. Luc

    Obesity - #1 Health Threat to Americans

    "I still say it's mostly genetics. The Japanese are just naturally small and thin. " So how do the sumo's get so fat?
  10. Luc

    which country u like most?!

    I only went to France and it wasn't bad but no one understood what I said. Supposedly to them I have a weird French accent when I talk. Well I though they had a weird accent when they talk and they pronounce the words to long. So I had to speak English on my trip to France to be understood. :p
  11. Luc

    Religion What's your religion ?

    I had to vote for Other since I'm roman catholic and not a christian