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  1. mad pierrot

    Philosophy What makes you 'you'?

    Aha! Thanks, MarsMan. Will check that book out next time I'm at the library.
  2. mad pierrot

    Philosophy What makes you 'you'?

    I submit that it's our unique line of experiences from birth, combined with the unique mix of chemicals that constitutes our body. 2 unique combinations that will never again be repeated in nature. Neat question. Despite all the chemical changes our bodies will go through as we grow old...
  3. mad pierrot

    What led you to your current beliefs?

    Question, question, question. That's what led me to my current beliefs. Which, in fact, I still do question.
  4. mad pierrot

    Iran Joins the Nuclear Club!

    WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Misunderstanding Alert- Proceed with caution.
  5. mad pierrot

    Famous Vegetarians on Vegetarianism

    You know what's great about being a sadist? You can enjoy angering vegetarians by eating meat. Seriously, I agree with Sensuikan. In fact, I think it would be foolish or at least a little naive to believe that someone has higher moral character just because of their dietary habits.
  6. mad pierrot

    U.s. Goes To War With Iran ??

    I tacked on a poll, as long as this subject is being brought up again.
  7. mad pierrot

    Illegal Immigration

    I love this quote.
  8. mad pierrot

    Iran Joins the Nuclear Club!

    Slooooow down here. Let's not let this get out of hand, lest a good thread gets locked for dumb reasons. Btw, all this news just seems to be a bunch of saber-rattling and dick wagging to me. Oh yeah, didn't someone make a poll concerning a possible U.S. move against Iran before?
  9. mad pierrot

    Most infamous man of the 20th century

    Great idea for a thread. I definately think Mao takes the cake, hands down.
  10. mad pierrot

    "Fashion is a form of ugliness...

    Sure! By this I mean you automatically make judgments about people based on what they're wearing. For example, if you see a man in old, dirty, smelly clothes, you're going to assume that he is NOT wealthy CEO. Conversly, if you see someone wearing a Rolex, you'll assume they aren't homeless...
  11. mad pierrot

    "Fashion is a form of ugliness...

    I'm going to defend fashion. Even through I have no sense of it. Fashion is an essential part of culture, for one thing. Aside from that, I might even be able to argue that fashion serves as a way to clearly indicate one's status in society. You might not think of that as a noble purpose...
  12. mad pierrot

    Racial Humour, Funny or Not?

    Not at all..... Yes, have some.
  13. mad pierrot

    Racial Humour, Funny or Not?

    I was prompted to ask this question after I saw an act by Russel Peters, who successfully mocked every different racial category there is. It reminded me of Delirious, by Eddie Murphy. (Back when he was still funny.) Personally, this kind of humour doesn't bother me. It might be my...
  14. mad pierrot

    The Dumbing Down of America's Youth

    Nope. I was making the point that what I view as the downfall of education coincided with the suburbanization America. Never mentioned or hinted that America was perfect before that time. I whole heartedly disagree. I never said it wasn't! This is actually an entirely different issue I'd...
  15. mad pierrot

    The Dumbing Down of America's Youth

    This problem originated a long time ago. When Americans gave up being citizens and became "consumers." I pinpoint the start of it as the suburbaniztion of the United States. After that got the ball rolling, its all been downhill. I suggest ANYONE pick up a copy of "The Geography of...
  16. mad pierrot

    Truth and consequences

    Mycernius..... You'd better be careful what you post about Mohammad! Lest the Imam read this and decide you need to be executed.... (Lame joke.) Actually, that's a great question. I'd stick with the truth. One painful truth feels better to me than 1,000 comforting lies, but then again...
  17. mad pierrot

    Quantum Physics: Abandon All Sanity Ye Who Enter Here!

    This whole subject just pisses me off... I mean, why can't light just make a decision? First it's a particle, then a wave, then a particle again... Make up your mind, damnit! :-) All jokes aside, I can only imagine this thread going downhill. On the other hand, so many people pretending...
  18. mad pierrot

    Hitler goes to Israel!

    Yep! That's actually the name of the show. "Springtime for Hitler" is just the name of a musical number in it.
  19. mad pierrot

    Hitler goes to Israel!

    In light of all the debate going on about the reaction to the cartoons of Mohammad, I found this interesting. "Springtime for Hitler" just began showing in Tel Aviv. Not only that, but.... It's doing well. This should be telling something to the people prostesting the cartoons. If a...
  20. mad pierrot

    Religion Five Mythological Characters Please

    How about some American legends? 1. Jonny Appleseed 2. John Henry 3. Paul Bunyun Otherwise, I'd also throw in 4. Gilgamesh 5. Dragons from different cultures. (St. George was a good start.) 6. Ra 8. The fox and wolf in various mythologies. 9. Moses 10.Jesus or the Buddha Geez...