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  1. Guivre

    Crime Fastest growth in America's murder rate since the 1970s

    I'm outside Chicago, where it's new hispanic gangs and old black gangs fighting over territory, so... The not wanting to engage with blacks is a recent phenomena whereas the wars are not. When I was a kid in the 70/80s there were still WHITE gangs. There aren't anymore. The worst homicide...
  2. Guivre

    The 13 Smartest Presidents in U.S. History

    Richard Nixon was famously known as "Iron-Ass" not for being tough but for sitting in the library studying all the time as a student. Nixon was #16 on the list, it claimed he had an IQ of 131, I would be skeptical of it being that mediocre...
  3. Guivre

    Politics Balkanian disagreements.

    This is true, but only certain Christian cults and sects practice active shunning (or worse) in THIS world -- the Amish as a well known example, like Muhammadans do.
  4. Guivre

    Sustainability Vegetarianism for the Environment

    Well, since this thread was bumped, I thought I might add that vegetarianism/veganism for environmentalism would appeal to the young over other motivations. It was the one thing that tipped me over the edge when I was in HS. I felt concerns about other issues, but when you are young health does...
  5. Guivre

    Roman "pocket watch" shaped like a ham works

    It's always ham o'clock. :grin: Very neat, though. I really enjoy seeing 3D printing being used in this way.
  6. Guivre

    K13 Highest "Baltic" scores in Eurogenes K13 / K15

    Nevermind, I think that I am half American makes any of my posting of results irrelevant.