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    Very well said. The Roman influence in Gaul was so extensive that in many ways it resembles the European influence on the Cherokee of the Southeastern United States.
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    Fall of the Western Roman Empire

    This is an informed opinion question. Why, in your view, did the Western Roman Empire collapse? (3 main reasons) For me, it was primarily: 1)over-reliance on auxiliary troops to defend an enormous frontier 2)loss of key grain-growing regions/ports to invaders 3)lack of political will for...
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    What is your favourite European country (outside of your own), and why?

    Germany: Nature, Castles, Beer, Respect for Privacy Denmark: Fairy Tales, Free Speech, Coziness, Respect for Privacy
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    Films & Series Favorite Historical Movies

    Valkyrie (2008) does a great job of bringing to light the German Resistance to Nazism. King Arthur (2004) for the most part showcases the world of 5th century Britain and the intersecting cultures of Romans, Britons, and Saxons.
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    Map of Germanic paternal lineages

    Maciamo's Germanic map.
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    Who was history's greatest military strategist ?

    Ludwig Wilhelm (Margrave of Baden), Robert E. Lee, Erwin Rommel
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    Map of Germanic paternal lineages

    Excellent map. Great synthesis. Bravo. -Mbw
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    Pieter Bruegel the Elder

    Many thanks!
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    Pieter Bruegel the Elder

    Hey guys, I'm a big fan of Bruegel's art. Is there a Bruegel-specific museum in the Benelux? I've found that many of his works are held in Vienna, but it would be nice to visit a building in old Antwerp or Bruges. Thanks, Mbw
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    U106 in Iceland

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if any significant studies of Icelanders have been conducted for R1b U106. So far I've only found very vague information concerning the population. I expected that there would be more U106 in the Orkneys and Shetland but it seems (unless this is now passé) that...
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    New migration map of haplogroup R1b

    Bravo, Maciamo. The map is wonderful and effectively demonstrates the field's current understanding of the westward migration of R1b into Europe. I'm glad that you show U106 entering the Netherlands/Denmark & southern Scandinavia toward the end of the Bronze Age. Unfortunately, so many sites...