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  1. Nicolas Peucelle

    How much of a Neanderthal are you ?

    You need to add to your lists of neanderthal caracteristics the teeth! Because they had very differently shaped teeth. The top of the molars had different fissures and contact points. Newest rays are able to screen the enamel of the teeth and also add to the knowledge of the differences in these...
  2. Nicolas Peucelle

    Why did France and Britain leave Germany invade Poland ?

    When the germans occupied their quarters in Paris 1940, going downtown to the cabarets and cinemas, they were not allowed to carry weapons, except for some of the officers. The guns had to be turned in at special places upon arrival in the city for the time the soldier was on a visit. Of cause...
  3. Nicolas Peucelle

    What Europeans think of each other

    Today... in the good mood I'm right now.. this evening... I think that we can be satisfied to be europeans and look forward to times where wars and destructions of our commun achievements will be the "errors" of our past. We may still take war monging parties while reading history books about...
  4. Nicolas Peucelle

    Why did France and Britain leave Germany invade Poland ?

    ........................ Please consider that the french army and civil population still had arround 100.000 causalties... in just a few months (1940) and that the german forces also had such a quote for their own losses in their official records (Hitler speech 1940). Now compare this to the...
  5. Nicolas Peucelle

    Do the winners of wars get away with crimes?

    It was more easy for a winning army to NOT put on trial their own personel suspected of war crimes in the past... but with the increased presence of independant Press in battle zones and also elsewhere the pressure increased since 1945. Also the definition of a war crime was not always clear and...
  6. Nicolas Peucelle

    Greatest Indian contribution(s) to the world ?

    My first thought was "Prince Siddharta" .. even if he is maybe from today Nepal
  7. Nicolas Peucelle

    Which form of colonialism was the worst ?

    It seems very possible that the the northern american continent will be populated by a majority of american-indian-spanish Hispanic Population in less time to come, than it took the other Imigrants from europe to conquer the territory of the present day USA from the native indians.
  8. Nicolas Peucelle

    Offtopic : Was Hitler a Christian ?

    About Adolf Hitlers family and roots: a few facts (easy to find in regular research) : His genealogy was done extensively and it exists online. I mean the "official tree which was also available to anyone during his time in power. Adolf Hitlers father was named "Alois Schicklgruber" till january...
  9. Nicolas Peucelle

    Most infamous man of the 20th century

    A few things I noticed through lectures about Stalin's personality : He very much liked to spend his free time reading books about history. He liked to drink alcohol and make sure that people arround him participate at such drinking events. Somebody who wouldn't enjoy to get drunk once in a...
  10. Nicolas Peucelle

    What annoys you (about the news on TV) ?

    I would recommend the "Travel" channel... if I had a tv at home.
  11. Nicolas Peucelle

    Most infamous man of the 20th century

    Maybe I can suggest here that one evil has roots and is not allone growing.. so we may look at ways how Lenin becomes a revolutionary, why his friends wish to kill Romanovs and befriend with Stalin who also left his church classes through some strange experiences... and why especially during and...
  12. Nicolas Peucelle

    Were the Crusades the first World War?

    When I study the crusades I am amazed to be reminded in some ways by present day multi-national operations. Of cause nothing is the same, but this intermeddling of various war trained groups with different national backgrounds going "for something" abroad can represent a similarity. But this is...
  13. Nicolas Peucelle

    Offtopic : Was Hitler a Christian ?

    To well understand the intimate Hitler after 1941 concerning religious matters it is quite enough to read what his secretary Martin Bormann was generating in written orders and comments. You feel the magnetic attraction to soviet methods and the more open hostility against the "blacks" (church)...
  14. Nicolas Peucelle

    Offtopic : Was Hitler a Christian ?

    More facts: Hitler during his entire life was considered by the german law as a "Catholic Christian". He was born "Austrian" national in the "Austrian Hungarian" multinational monarchy. His mother was a devote christian. He was baptized in a catholic church in Austria. He never quit the catholic...
  15. Nicolas Peucelle

    Why did France and Britain leave Germany invade Poland ?

    Reply to "Why France and UK left Poland being invaded by the germans". (First a background check) Poland had no friends within the soviet leadership, especially since the attacks of polish forces into territories claimed by the red russians to be in their soviet sphere. It is a bit forgotten...
  16. Nicolas Peucelle

    Haplogroups of European kings and queens

    Yes, no doubts for the family lineage after Paul I. But the main question may remain a bit unsolved.. Is the Tsar Paul I a "Romanov" or is he not. I guess that later on, over the generations, thanks to all kinds of cousin marriages the biological Romanov blood line was re-entering anyhow into...
  17. Nicolas Peucelle

    Do modern Europeans partly descend from Neanderthal ?

    I may suggest that the neanderthal may have died out because the interbreeding may have just produced mixed species individuals like a "mule" would be a hybrid descendant of a horse and a donkey mixing up. (and mules are sterile). In this case the children would never have viable descendants at...
  18. Nicolas Peucelle

    Do modern Europeans partly descend from Neanderthal ?

    about hair and skin now : red hair legacy due to neanderthal populations : I only found infos confirming (till furhter notice) that the gene responsible for red hair found in a neanderthal sample (of only 1 individual) is a variety which is not existing as such in any today human. It is...
  19. Nicolas Peucelle

    Y-DNA haplogroups of ancient civilizations

    Maciamo... you are THE Master..! Thank you for all these wonderful informations.
  20. Nicolas Peucelle

    Haplogroups of European kings and queens

    "whose haplogroup can be deduced from the testing of a relative". I think that you should be a bit careful with this way of proceeding because Y chromosomes can easy be given by other men than "supposed to be fathers" especially if they just figure on old papers. I think that such an Y-DNA test...