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  1. fixelbrumpf

    Religion why are not u a muslim?

    Well, I don't know that much about Islam, pretty much all I know is what the mass media tells me: supposedly, Islam is a very backwards, cruel and patriarchic religion. That's pretty much the gist of it, isn't it? moslema, is it true that women are considered second-rate citizens in Islam, for...
  2. fixelbrumpf

    Jackie Chan banned from Taiwan? :O

    Off Topic: why is his name written "Jackie Chen" in Japanese? Is that closer to the real pronounciation of "Chan"?
  3. fixelbrumpf

    terabyte account

    Interesting. I've already seen a bunch of people on message boards state that they used/used to use AOL "for warez". How does/did using AOL make it easier to download warez?
  4. fixelbrumpf

    terabyte account

    Baaad idea. I predict that pretty soon, warez monkeys will start trading illegal software via email. :D
  5. fixelbrumpf

    German for Starters

    About the German "ch" sound in words like "Chemie" and "China": It sounds quite a bit like the "hissing" "hi" sound in "hito" in some Japanese dialects. The video game character Richter Belmont's name is written "リヒター" in Japanese for a good reason. In the English version of Castlevania...
  6. fixelbrumpf

    Greatest German ever ?

    My favourite German is Chris H?lsbeck, a video game music composer who more or less provided the soundtrack for my youth. Yes, I'm that much of a dork. :p I also like Erich K?stner, my favourite German writer.