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  1. m477

    Healthcare in the US

    In America you can get all the free health care you want... as long as you enter the country illegally.
  2. m477

    Is father to son communication important in the teen years?

    My father died before I reached my teenage years, and I guess I turned out more or less okay... Anyway, having supportive parents is always nice, but you're at the age where it's YOUR decision whether or not you're going to act like a responsible adult. At this point, no amount of parenting is...
  3. m477

    What is your favourite American TV series ?

    I think at least half the shows on the list are cancelled already. I guess the American TV shows they broadcast in other countries are a few years behind? Anyway, some of my favorites right now are: Arrested Development Scrubs The Office Boston Legal I don't know if any of these shows are...
  4. m477

    Mouse gets revenge.

    I don't get what the big deal is. Like the news said, the mouse was dead when it hit the fire, so it really wasn't any worse than a conventional mousetrap. It's not like he tortured the mouse with a hot poker or something.
  5. m477

    Economy Single European Currency

    I've seen several articles about how many people in Italy are unhappy with the Euro and want to return to the lira. Are there any Italians on this board that can comment about that?
  6. m477

    Some photoes about Pyongyang-The capital of North Korea

    Did anyone see the recent North Korea piece on CNN? It featured some video secretly taken by an actual North Korean man, who risked torture and execution to take it. The images in that video showed quite a different story compared to the above pictures...
  7. m477

    Do you lock your doors?

    The doors at my place are all auto locking, both the front door as well as the door to my unit. So yeah. I don't have a choice. :p
  8. m477

    Departing for Pyongyang

    Yeah, I've always wanted to go on one of those tours of the "DPRK." I've read a few travelogs and they sound so surreal, like stepping into a time maching and arriving in 1950's USSR. However, a 4-day 3-night package is about 1200 Euros (~$1500 USD), and you have to pay your own way to Beijing.
  9. m477

    Classical music Which classical composers do you know ?

    Hmm, interesting thread. I think Sibelius should be on that list as well. When I was in high school, I really loved music from the Romantic era, like Tchaikovsky, Saint-Saens, Paganini, etc. Now that I've gotten a bit older, my tastes have changed and now I prefer 20th century composers such...
  10. m477

    How tolerant are you ?

    So throwing around 1-3 tons of metal at lethal speeds while you're too wasted to have any idea what's going on isn't a "serious crime"?? Try telling that to someone whose friend or relative was killed by a drunk driver. Maybe this attitude is why Europe leads the US in road traffic fatalities...
  11. m477

    How tolerant are you ?

    I'm only really concerned about behavior. For example, if my neighbor was a black homosexual HIV-positive alcoholic drug-addicted schizophrenic jailbird who worshipped Kim Jong-Il, as long as they kept to themselves and were respectful of people around them then I could care less. Likewise, if...
  12. m477

    Dismayed Americans consider move to Canada: Offtopic about Clinton

    I didn't write it (Which is why I put it in italics), nor did I research every single point it made, although I know at least some of them to be factual. The point is that there's not that much difference between Clinton and Bush. We could spend pages arguing every little detail, but it's not...
  13. m477

    Dismayed Americans consider move to Canada: Offtopic about Clinton

    Clinton vs Bush, a Confusing Comparison. Clinton awards Halliburton no-bid contract in Yugoslavia - good... Bush awards Halliburton no-bid contract in Iraq - bad... Clinton spends 77 billion on war in Serbia - good... Bush spends 87 billion in Iraq - bad... Clinton imposes regime change in...
  14. m477

    It's the stupider states that voted for Bush

    Be careful what conclusions you try to draw from data like this. Let me give you an example. In New York City the Upper East Side has a high concentration of highly educated, successful people, and that area consistently votes Republican. However, they are outnumbered by less educated people...
  15. m477

    Dismayed Americans consider move to Canada after Bush win

    Alec Baldwin and Martin Sheen still haven't left...
  16. m477

    Are you vegetarian ?

    To each his own I suppose, but I'm tired of hearing the vegetarian == healthy myth. Sure, a salad is better than eating greasy bacon cheeseburgers every day, but I think the healthiest way of all is a balanced diet with moderate amounts of meat and fish and lots of fruit and vegetables...
  17. m477

    Do you prefer Asian or non-Asian women?

    I think your poll should be more specific - I guess you could say I have a thing for Japanese women, but other than that Asian women in general aren't more attractive to me than any other race.
  18. m477

    What do you think of Americans arrested by US gov. for travelling to some countries ?

    You're misrepresenting the Jenkins case at the very least. You start off by claiming that the US is prosecuting its citizens for "travelling" to other countries. However, Jenkins wasn't doing what most people would describe as "travelling", and he isn't being prosecuted for "travelling". He...
  19. m477

    Power rises

    Haven't you ever heard of the "Golden Rule"? He who has the gold makes the rules
  20. m477

    Family Histories

    The good part is that it's only getting easier with computers and internet. It seems that everything gets recorded and backed up somewhere these days. I can just imagine my great-grandkids finding some archive of my personal web site from like 1998 and having a good laugh at it!