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    Proceeding with Caution: First global guidelines proposed for ancient DNA research

    some specifics: this is the code of conduct that none ever reads, it should say vaguely the same things as these guys. if you go for funding...
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    K12b Analyzing the Mediterranean Cluster C6 from Antonio M et al. 2019

    You might want to check with the Venosa samples (which do have quite some J2b L283), I have some kind of hand-waving theory that those samples are probably Byzantines derived. In the historical context, Venosa was on the boundary of byzantine influence (the goths ruled it only in 555 i think)...
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    K12b aDNA (Dodecad K12b)

    Distance to: bergin2_dod12b 3.61747149 ALB_Mdv:I14622 3.94517427 ALB_PostMdv:I14685 4.83853284 ALB_PostMdv:I15706 5.87534680 ALB_Çinamak_Anc:I16251 5.98971619 MKD_Anc:I10389 6.03354788 ALB_PostMdv:I14686 6.52300544 TUR_Marmara_Balıkesir_Byz:I14822 6.79265044 HRV_Trogir_Byz:I15744...
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    Was E-V13 a major lineage of Hallstatt Celts and Italics?

    Dear Maciamo, following Ralph&Coop paper, it is noticable a huge IBD peak for Albanians at the fall of the Roman empire. The authors interpret it as a near extinction event. In my opinion only few illyrian clans survived,the very isolated ones. So almost by definition in Albanians can survive...
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    Personality Is your brain more Western or more Eastern? - part 2

    Well i dont really think that there is a doubt. If you try to extrapolate: What would you associate painting of van gogh - with a copy or with another masterpiece
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    GEDMatch HarappaWorld Gedmatch, post and compare your admixtures to ancient and contemporary.

    Thanks LeBrok. Don't know where Trojet is from... I am 50-50 Gheg-Tosk. Cool, I have some more sw asian genes. I don'k know if Rhodes counts, but I know that one of my ggggmother was from there.
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    GEDMatch HarappaWorld Gedmatch, post and compare your admixtures to ancient and contemporary.

    Population S-Indian - Baloch 6.78 Caucasian 26.96 NE-Euro 27.32 SE-Asian - Siberian - NE-Asian 1.20 Papuan - American - Beringian - Mediterranean 26.44 SW-Asian 11.00 San 0.30 E-African - Pygmy - W-African -
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    K15 Post your aDNA K15 map!

    We are almost identical. Angela was mentioning that Albanians are just east-shifted Tuscans, and it sounds right. I was checking the calculators on Gedmatch in combination with Oracle. I found out that the one with the smallest reported error is puntDNAL K15, probably because it has...
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    LivingDNA Living Dna results ... some help with the intertpretation

    Just got my Living Dna results. yDna: E V13; mtDna: H12. -Europe 97%...
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    Personality Myers-Briggs 16 personalities test

    I am pretty bad at keeping secrets and, same as you, people can pinpoint quickly if I am in a good/bad day. The morning is where the mood of my day is decided. If I have the time to do things with calm, maybe watch some Tom & Jerry cartoons, then I will be happy all day long. But, if the alarm...
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    Personality Myers-Briggs 16 personalities test

    We have similar results. :) Was quite surprised to find Iron Maiden in the music thread.
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    Personality Myers-Briggs 16 personalities test

    Actualized type: ENTP (who you are) Extroverted (E) 59.38% Introverted (I) 40.63% Intuitive (N) 55.56% Sensing (S) 44.44% Thinking (T) 54.76% Feeling (F) 45.24% Perceiving (P) 64.71% Judging (J) 35.29% ENTP - "Inventor". Enthusiastic interest in everything and always sensitive to...
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    Immigration The periphery of Islam fundamentalism

    IronSide, what do the average people want? How do they feel? What do they value? Sorry, but I am almost completely ignorant about your culture.
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    Politics What's your political compass result?

    Your Political CompassEconomic Left/Right: -2.25 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.77
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    Gender free baby in Canada, probably world's first.

    Was just reading the news on CNN I don't know if I support this idea. Honestly would be more against than in favor.
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    Medieval English mutilated the dead to prevent Zombies?

    I would throw in rabies, probably few members of a family. The rest just to make sure.... Would scare the hell out of us even now.
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    Heredity Heritability of Cognitive Empathy

    Had a good laugh - The last author was: S. Baron-Cohen. (Did not know that BORAT was studying himself) Namely the paper sounded like BORAT'S HEREDITY. Turned out that there was some truth to it. The author of the paper Simon B-C turned out to be a cousin of Sasha Baron-Cohen (Borat's actor)...
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    Putting an end to Greek/Albanian feuds

    Yetos, let us try to remember the good things of each other and not the bad ones. That is a choice. I am out of this topic because it saddens me a lot.
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    Putting an end to Greek/Albanian feuds

    None is saying that you should have Arvanite ancestors, just that Arvanites culture is part of the modern Hellenic culture and as such you are indirectly influenced by it. What I mean that you are prod of the fustanella too (dont know the word in Greek). Maybe I am wrong. Yes things are...
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    Putting an end to Greek/Albanian feuds

    1. Thank you for the acceptance. No I don't care about a letter. And you are right, the correct English version is Arvanites. 2. Yes Arvanites are Greek (Hellenic if you prefer) - no doubt, we are talking of centuries. Similarly, the Arberesh in Italy are Italian - no doubt. Am I wrong to...