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  1. Mycernius

    Philosophy Offtopic: Atheism as a philosophy

    Really, is that why you get christian communists? Atheism isn't a philosophy, a religion or any other category you wish to put it in. It is merely the non-belief in a god or gods. I get tired of this old canard being trotted out time and time...
  2. Mycernius

    Offtopic : Was Hitler a Christian ?

    Hark, I see the No True Scotsman being played here. Pray tell us all Carlos, who is the one true god? Maybe it is the one you worship, not that I see any bias towards your own religion at all /sarcasm off First establish the existance of any god, then establish that the god that you have is your...
  3. Mycernius

    Question Why do people die?

    Why? It is as informative about death as Harry Potter.
  4. Mycernius

    Question Why do people die?

    Well that just shows you have never studied history. Care to cite a credible source for that piece of inane BS? Oh dear, a christian with assertions. Care to provide evidence of your magic sky pixie? No, wait, you have none.
  5. Mycernius

    Films & Series Spielberg's Tintin

    I think I will go and see this. My brother has the collected works of Tintin, including Tintin in the USSR. I remember "reading" them when I was young. I say "read" because they were in french because I had a much older cousin who was studing french at college> She also had the Smurfs, Lucky...
  6. Mycernius

    Do Italians look more like Spaniards/Portuguese, or Greeks?

    Every bloody time I come on here there is yet another round of Spain flame war. I am getting pissed off with it. Thread locked and don't anyone dare to start another one or a temp ban will come into force on whichever member starts off again. All as bad as each other.
  7. Mycernius

    Do you believe in a God(s)?

    Well, looking at the poll we are a bunch of heathens. Good for us :)
  8. Mycernius

    Chile vs. Spain... 3rd World vs. 1st World

    Obvious trolling thread. Locked.
  9. Mycernius

    The alleged Arab invasion of Spain.

    No, he isn't, but I am, and derogatory slurs are not welcome.
  10. Mycernius

    Films & Series Merlin

    There were people of african origin in England. They would have originally been roman legionaries that settled in England. The Emperor Septimus Severus was black and is buried at York. There are even record of the Vikings bringing in Moroccans. It wouldn't surprise me that you would also have...
  11. Mycernius

    Please report spammers

    Idiot removed. Looks like he was trying to up his post count to add links.
  12. Mycernius

    Society Is the EU fostering the use of English across Europe ?

    Graham Norton says mom, but I'm not sure whether that is more his accent rather than US influence. I will notice the difference between the harsher northern Irish accent compared to the softer southern one, but I wouldn't know different county accents. Graham Norton is from Cork originally, so...
  13. Mycernius

    Do you remember what's happened on 4th june, 1920 Trianon?

    Trueman, your posts have been cut down to just the two, as the rest are just repeating the same thing. Now what we would also like is some input rather than the crap you have posted. Do it again and further action will be taken. This is a friendly warning.
  14. Mycernius

    Eurovision 2006 : your favourite songs ?

    Not a chance. With block voting and, this year you can start to vote as soon as it starts, it will go to an eastern European or balkan country. It's bad enough that countries knocked out in the semi are still allowed to vote.
  15. Mycernius

    Eurovision 2006 : your favourite songs ?

    All winners from 1956 to 2009 1956-1980 1981-2009 I remember Terry Wogan refering to Ruslana as the warrior Princess:laughing: Graham Nortons second year.
  16. Mycernius

    Please report spammers

    Banned and his shite removed. Thanks
  17. Mycernius

    "Fashion is a form of ugliness...

    A resurrected thread. Sheesh, the last person to come on this thread was four years ago. The OP has never come on to Eupedia and this thread pre-dates when Eupedia split. Check dates in future before replying to old threads.
  18. Mycernius

    Eupedia on Facebook

    Joined up. Are you going to publish this over on Jref in case there are some members there that might be interested?
  19. Mycernius

    Religion The Return of the European Religions

    Typical theistic response. I'm not the one making claims of supernatural beings, you are. The burden of evidence is on you. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Where is it?
  20. Mycernius

    Foreign (English-speaking) actors increasingly dominate Hollywood

    I'll correct you on Mel Gibson. He is American, born in New York. His family moved to Australia when he was young.