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  1. AllMakesCombined

    Good things about the USA

    I'm with you on that one.. Though those freedoms are beginning to fade with the Patriot Act and warrantless wire-tapping and all. Becasue of this, I would say that many of us that have the spirit of voicing your opinion and the pride in open-minded and peaceful ideas is a good aspect of...
  2. AllMakesCombined

    Why Do We Need To Produce Sick Movies ?

    It's only promoting violence to young minds if yound minds are permitted to view the movie by their parents. Not everyone has to see every movie that hits the box office.
  3. AllMakesCombined

    Gender: advantage and disadvantage

    Well, I'm a man, and have also wished I was that man as well. In fact, I'm working on it. I should have that accomplished in aother 10-15 years. Would you like me to take your name down for when it finally happens? :-)
  4. AllMakesCombined

    Southern U.S. accents disappearing?

    Let's trade places... No really. I live in Texas, but I'm originally from Baltimore, Maryland. You won't believe how many people around here are "fixin' to" to do things. Texans will even tell you they're "fixin' to git ready" to do something.
  5. AllMakesCombined

    Gender: advantage and disadvantage

    lol.. everyone wants to be a man. I guess we can't all be superior. (kidding) I'm going to guess the ladies' point of view here if I might. Was the moment you wish you were a man during menstruation or pregnancy?
  6. AllMakesCombined

    Sex & Gender Age of sexual consent?

    I think 16 makes more sense, but that might be because I live in the U.S. Currently the age is 18. At 16, you are able to earn your driver's liscence, and thus gain a significant amount of freedom in general. I voted 16, since I only think it should remain 18 under the condition that certain...
  7. AllMakesCombined

    Greatest Israeli/Jewish contributions to the world

    Jews provided us with Judaism, another organized religion which keeps people in line that need a scripture to tell them right from wrong (as opposed to just coming to them naturally). I feel the same about any organized religion. I have nothing against "the big three" religions. They're just...
  8. AllMakesCombined

    Attack or Defence?

    Neither, really. I do like to point out holes in the opinion of my opponents, but I also don't care if I hurt their feelings. I don't insult my opponents nor their intelligence. I admit I may come off as a little condecending once in a while, but I don't think anyone is an idiot unless they...
  9. AllMakesCombined

    Is George Bush doing a good job fighting terrorism?

    I agree 100%. I've never supported Bush, but I used to be like the fellow who suggested that comparing Bush to Hitler was unfair. About a month ago, I decided to put all the pieces of information I have learned about our situation and the president in the past 6 years. When you look at...
  10. AllMakesCombined

    Is George Bush doing a good job fighting terrorism?

    What's kind of embarassing for me to admit is I'm starting to believe in what I used to think was another one of Michael Moore's whacked out conspiracy theories. I'm really starting to think his re-election didn't have much to do with the voters, but rather the machines they voted with.
  11. AllMakesCombined

    Is George Bush doing a good job fighting terrorism?

    I think the administration has managed to get the U.S. in to a perpetual series of wars that won't end for a long time. Granted, removing Sadam from power was a good thing. Bringing democracy to a dictated regime is a good thing. However, were these things really on top of the list of...