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    G25 Vahaduo - G25 - CeltibericoItalico Ultimate Ancient Calculator

    Target: b Distance: 3.7278% / 0.03727782 43.4 Early_European_Farmer 41.8 Steppe_Pastoralist 14.8 Western_Hunter-Gatherer Distance to: b 0.15983652 Steppe_Pastoralist:Yamnaya_RUS_Kalmykia:RISE547 0.16053952 Steppe_Pastoralist:Yamnaya_RUS_Samara:I0439 0.16067079...
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    1. Gaulic Gladiator York (250 AD) (6.318) - 6DRIF-22 (Click for more info) 2. Germano-Celtic Gladiator York (250 AD) (6.382) - 3DRIF-16 (Click for more info) 3. Czech Velke Prilepy (0 AD) (6.431) - Rise577 (Click for more info) 4. Alemannic Bavaria (450 AD) (7.225) - BIM_33 (Click for more...
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    Posted image yesterday, this morning gone. Sorry:shocked:
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    Politics Germany's Far Right Never Went Away

    "Explaining the greatness of Adolph Hitler,..." Well, that must have been entertaining. I would like to see one of these loudmouths explain Hitler's "greatness" before an audience of older Poles or Ukrainians.
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    AncestryDNA Ancestry DNA Update

    I've got a bunch of Acadian ancestors, which means largely Poitou-Charente, so I'd expect to see elevated Southern European levels, but no, only about 3%.
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    AncestryDNA Ancestry DNA Update

    That would explain why my Great Britain percentage is so high, 76%, too much so in my opinion. Looks like that includes all my Norman ancestors.
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    AncestryDNA Ancestry DNA Update

    That will be interesting. 25% of my ancestry comes from western/northwestern France, through Canada, yet Ancestry gives me 3% European West. They recently updated my results and informed me that nothing had changed. Is this yet another update?
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    K36 Post your "genetically predicted place of origin" (based on Eurogenes K36 results)

    Between Meaux and Chateau-Thierry, in north central France. About right, puts me between the North Sea and the Alps.
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    New Member

    Hello All...I'm not really a new member but rather a new poster. My FTDNA Big Y result shows me as R1a>L-664>YP5320. I am obsessed with finding my ancient/ethnic origins. My documented paper trail shows my earliest paternal ancestor as southern English of the late 16th Century. I follow with...