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  1. Beefree

    Politics Should Turkey Join The EU?

    To the rest, I don't disagree. Just one thing....(because I suspect you are greek). Before you blame other people for something, look into the mirror first...
  2. Beefree

    Cyprus, Greece and Turkey

    :innocent::innocent::innocent: People do not invade like this in the 20th century, unless they declare a war... there are always political interests behind...other countries involving...:innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent: I m not well informed of the whole extent of the subject, why don't...
  3. Beefree

    Politics Should Turkey Join The EU?

    :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:Of couurseeee... Why didn't we think of it before??? One morning, Prime Minister of Turkey wakes up and makes an anouncement to the Turkish public: "Ok guys, What about a kind donation to our European buddies who love us sooooo much? Let's give...
  4. Beefree

    Politics Is the Geographic Criteria legitimate?

    if USSR was considered a European country, then why shouldn't Armenia and the rest of its former republics shouldn't be in the EU???
  5. Beefree

    Is Turkey a Western country ?

    oh, I forgot to say something else. What do the crimes of the past have to do with the topic of Turkey being western?:innocent::thinking:
  6. Beefree

    Is Turkey a Western country ?

    First of all, do you mean Western compared to Oriental??? Hmmmm, I suspect that this is a hint for its entrance to the EU...(if I m wrong, I apologize) If this is the question, my answer is this: Turkey is Western enough to stand beside the countries of NATO (all "Western"), but not "Western"...