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  1. PaulTB

    why oil prices so high???

    Why? It's no good just saying "It's not possible" and not giving any reasons or details.
  2. PaulTB

    Evil relief workers

    Given its mention in an unrelated tsunami news story I think we can fairly safely assume the village exists. As for the rest I haven't seen anything that couldn't just be regurgitating the original story. [EDIT] Just to throw...
  3. PaulTB

    Let's Weaken morality rules

    It's not about morals, it's about ethics. In fact if you look closely it's not about ethics in general it's about money and what you're allowed to do in return for it.
  4. PaulTB

    Language barrier and acceptance.

    Nah, it's far too rambling to be stand-up comedy - he'd be bottled off the stage before he got to the end. You're right about the English not being very good - but lots of people write lousy English nowadays.
  5. PaulTB

    Language barrier and acceptance.

    Oh I don't know that we're laughing at him /that/ hard. I wouldn't even have smirked if he'd at least tried to write that in Japanese.
  6. PaulTB

    Language barrier and acceptance.

    You can catch someone rambling on and on about Japanese people insisting on talking to him in English (and such) here. The ironic thing is that he's posting to a Japanese bulletin board ... but he's writing in English. :relief...
  7. PaulTB

    antimatter guns

    Just what the world needs - a gun that costs $3.7 trillion dollars each time you fire and can blow up a small city. About as useful as a nuclear hand grenade. (Yes, somebody actually _did_ come up with the idea of a 'nuclear handgrenade' - I don't think they'd get many volunteers to throw...
  8. PaulTB

    Immigration Europe: Superiorly Enlightened & Tolerant

    Not all. If you happen to want to insist on a "If you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem." attitude then, with this issue, I'd put Bush on the 'Problem' side. [EDIT]But, only just marginally and not through intent. (Having done a little checking up).
  9. PaulTB

    Does this mean the new person is Unbalanced?

    I'm probably going to mis-remember this but a British bloke was referred to as 'African American' while visiting there. He bruskly pointed out that he was British whereupon they 'corrected' themselves to calling him a 'British African American'. :mad:
  10. PaulTB

    What do you think of homosexuality (and gay marriage) ?

    Hmm, I very strongly doubt it is inborn for absolutely 100% of people who call themselves gay / lesbian when adult. I also as strongly believe that it is inborn (as much as hetrosexuality is inborn for most people) in a major proportion of cases. Exactly where it falls isn't really relevant...
  11. PaulTB

    What do you think of homosexuality (and gay marriage) ?

    5 is a very badly worded option (which is why I didn't pick it). "Homosexuality cannot be seen as immoral as it is inborn and not a matter of personal choice" First of all it is assuming something which is far from known to be true. "Homosexuality is inborn." While it is certain that there...
  12. PaulTB

    What do you think of homosexuality (and gay marriage) ?

    Yah, but I wouldn't be surprised if the results are affected by your vote being public in this poll. =================================================== I suspect that comes mostly from those who _want_ to be noticed. An overly 'in your face' attitude could also easily result from a reaction...
  13. PaulTB

    The Gay Marriage Controversy

    Er no. An opinion is not _just_ an opinion if it is also, say, defaming, inciting racial hatred etc. At least in the UK 'an opinion' of that sort can be actionable in court. Also saying "In my opinion 1 + 1 = 3" doesn't make you any less wrong and you shouldn't expect to not be told you're an...
  14. PaulTB

    What is your ideal democracy?

    There is no ideal democracy. If I'm playing "invent a government" then I'd probably want it to be fractal and have strong sideways links as well as vertical ones. I'd want it to have a 'micro-level' so the average man would have direct part in government. I'm not keen on parties as strictly...
  15. PaulTB

    4 More Years

    Well without wasting more of my life than I care to spare tracking down the details - Saddam was actively trying to develop WMD of all kinds - but with relatively little luck and practically nothing actually stockpiled and ready to go. Saddam was vigorously putting obstacles in the path of UN...
  16. PaulTB

    4 More Years

    That is one of those horribly complex, abused, misunderstood and above all highly flammable subjects which anybody with any sense should know better than to get involved in. Concerning why the (most recent) war with Iraq occurred there are ... 1. Reasons to go to war as actually stated by Bush...
  17. PaulTB

    Religion why are not u a muslim?

    But maybe you should. Or, to be a little more accurate, maybe not quite as a terrorist or rogue state but certainly one which needs to put its house into order. The extremists of each side feed off each other, and off the perceived injustices of the other side. It's only a bit of an...
  18. PaulTB

    Question Is your offspring's future one of your life's purpose ?

    Time might not be finite. But the amount of time during which this universe could support any possible form of life is finite. I don't know whether it's finite in size but it's almost certainly finite in life-supporting duration.
  19. PaulTB

    Question Is your offspring's future one of your life's purpose ?

    Well that's an easy one. No. If you want more specifics I shall provide two hints to my philosophy; 1. The means is also the end. which is particularly important given that 2. The literal end will _always_ be futile. Addressing point two first. Excepting matters of faith the universe will...
  20. PaulTB

    Question Is your offspring's future one of your life's purpose ?

    They provide rough outlines and backdrop, no more. Moreover the whole "People do ___ for ___ evolutionary reason" is very often used with arguments of extremely shaky logic and sometimes for morally repugnant ends. The evolutionary process isn't looking over your shoulder for your every action...