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  1. Gracchus

    Tracing back Phoenician & Arabic DNA in modern Spaniards using Haak 2015's admixtures

    How many times have you been in Spain ? I am Spanish and does not differentiate between Catalan and Andalusian ...
  2. Gracchus

    FTDNA MyOrigins

    My results: Mars, my results are similar to yours: 80% Mediterranean, this was obvious and 16% Scandinavia, I think it's not Longobard, but maybe this is my Visigoth part.... But you also have to add: 2% of morocco: maybe my part of the Islamic conquest of the peninsula (berebr?). And, oh a...
  3. Gracchus

    Health Children's well-being in 29 Western countries (UNICEF report)

    I am ashamed that read this. I am ashamed that the financial crisis affects to underprivileged most of all. I am ashamed of our politicians, as Spanish politicians as politicians from brussels. I am ashamed as politicians to have brought this crisis, always acting in favor of capital and against...
  4. Gracchus

    Spanish Cave Paintings

    I send more beautiful pictures of Levantine art: Mesolithic archer, maybe the man of La Bra?a, it would be like this: long hair, wear pants and leg guards, carrying bow and arrows in his hand:
  5. Gracchus

    Spanish Cave Paintings

    More fight scenes between archers, perhaps "natural resource wars" between farmers and hunter-gatherers?
  6. Gracchus

    Spanish Cave Paintings

    There are two types in post-Paleolithic Art (rock paintings) on the Mediterranean coast of the Iberian peninsula during 6-5th millennium BC: Levantine Art and Schematic Art, both lived at the same time. Levantine art is typical of Mesolithic hunter-gatherer societies, especially representing...
  7. Gracchus

    Valerio Massimo Manfredi

    I love the historical novel, but my favorites are: Mary Renault "The Persian Boy" Collen McCullough "The first man in Rome" Mika Waltari "Sinuhe" Santiago Posteguillo "Scipio Arfricanus trilogy" Steven Pressfield "Gates of fire" Arturo P?rez-Reverte "El capit?n Alatriste" Gore Vidal "Julian"...
  8. Gracchus

    Parthenon marbles: should they come back?

    In my opinion, the Parthenon Marbles should be returned to Greece. I think it?s a good idea that British Museum return many other "items" to many countries. always thinking that these countries are able to keep them.
  9. Gracchus

    90% of jobs will be taken away by robots and computers by 2035 - what jobs are safe ?

    I agree with the advancement of science, but provided that the scientific advance favor everyone. I don,t agree that happens as you say Maciamo and disappear all companies ... the companies now have much power. Im not agree that people will gradually be replaced in their jobs by robots and...
  10. Gracchus

    Early Iberians in mexico and california

    A "large contingent" of Majorcans and Catalans were responsible for the colonization of California, in 18th century. Gaspar de Portol? governor of Las Californias (1768-1770), was catalan. Pere Fages was governor of California 1770-1774, was catalan. Fages led the Company of Volunteers of...
  11. Gracchus

    Early Iberians in mexico and california

    America, was a direct part of Castile. Trade with America could be done only through Castilian ports: first Sevilla, Cadiz later, until 18th century. Before the 18th century the majority percentage of immigrants was Castilian. I think the Catalans, Valencians and Majorcans was forbidden only...
  12. Gracchus

    Early Iberians in mexico and california

    Percentage of spanish inmigrants to America: M?xico Hispano- [ciudad) am?rica 1689 (1 794-1 796) Andaluc?a 30,2 24,6 Castilla-Le?n 29,9 16,2 Extremadura 2,9 63 Pa?s Vasco 19,5 16,l Galicia 6,8 11,2 Arag?n 1,5 3 Valencia-Murcia O,7 1,1 Asturias 2,7 7,5...
  13. Gracchus

    Early Iberians in mexico and california

    A lot of people from Canary Island arrived to Louisiana in the 18th century. Louisana was an administrative district of the Viceroyalty of New Spain (Mexico) from 1762 to 1802. I can?t post link because have not 10 post.
  14. Gracchus

    K36 K36 from Eurogenes

    Sorry dcc555 i haven?t 23 and me, I just have FTDNA and GEDMATCH. I see that your results are very similar to mine, a "high" percentage of Basque but none have known Basque ancestors .... maybe as Martiko have reason, surely part of our great-grandparents lived in the Pyrenees during the...
  15. Gracchus

    K36 K36 from Eurogenes

    Martiko, exactly you mean by levels Basque results my percentage? I only know ancestors: Valencia, Catalonia and Aragon. Although?. I have noticed that my mother's maiden name is common only in Valencia and Navarre. By the way, also strikes me that, you are Basque and have a lower Basque...
  16. Gracchus

    K36 K36 from Eurogenes

    East_Med 0.44% Fennoscandian 0.72% East_African 0.81% Volga-Ural 0.86% East_Central_Euro 0.92% Arabian 1.86% North_African 2.24% Central_Euro 2.70% East_Balkan 2.84% French 3.50% North_Atlantic 6.62% West_Med 7.33% Near_Eastern 7.72% North_Sea 7.81% Basque 9.49%...
  17. Gracchus

    Economy More Greeks and Spaniards in employment now than in the 1980's and 90's.

    Unfortunately the unemployment is increasing yet in Spain. It is a problem for many families that today all members are unemployed. First came the housing bubble, much of the population was employed in the construction sector and then the "cascade effect" appears , job lost in the...