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    Genetic study The Genetic Origin of the Indo-Europeans

    Finally, after 10 years, Celine Bon found the time to publish the 2 Mentesh tepe samples the French had. But there are two another earlier papers that used the samples and all the hints were already in there. - It was just nerve wrecking!
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    Genetic study The Genetic Origin of the Indo-Europeans

    Just adding a point: the paper uses Aknashen which is very early Shulaveri. Has they use Mentesh tepe (prob the french didn't allow them) and it would be even closer because there would be more CHG, since they were admixing with remaining CHG pop near the mountains. When we get later...
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    Genetic study The Genetic Origin of the Indo-Europeans

    Yes, consistently J2B :) -- My hopes of finding L23 vanished long ago. But Mtdna is seen in Northern Caucasus, H2+152, H15a, I1.
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    Genetic study The Genetic Origin of the Indo-Europeans

    Just because it’s helpful to just state it again and again! - PIE was the language of the Shulaveri-Shomu. From honey to plough to horses, they had everything. Actually, first culture that diverged a river and invented wine! It does not matter if they call it South Caucasus, or Armenia or...
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    Genetic study The Genetic Origin of the Indo-Europeans

    Will there be acknowledge that I was right all along?! So much blablabla for so many years… and in the end, it was the Shulaveri-Shomu all along, weren’t they? And I have described the route, when and how - It took harvard, Reich and Anthony 8 years to get there?!?! CLV is the Harvardian talk...
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    Shulaverian Hypothesis in Maps

    Not always easy to convey Hypothesis. I made a Shulaverian Hypothesis in Maps. Here: Comments are welcomed.
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    Shulaveri Shomu keep on giving - Neolithic water management and flooding in the Less

    My shulaveri keep on giving. Now they seemed to have been the master of irrigation. they push back the first irrigation architecture well over 500 years. As they had push the invention of wine over 1000 years to previous Hajji firuz...
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    tell el samara (new village)

    Slow times... Newly found village in northern Egypt Nile Delta. Some that know me are aware of the importance I give to Merimde beni salama. But Merimde is way south near cairo and findings...
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    Shulaveri and Haji Firuz

    To keep drumming the Shulaveri at a time when we are so close… I figure Haji Firuz R1b Z2103 will turn up one of these days as dated and confirmed. I immediately noted when it came out that the two places where WINE production have been attested has been precisely in Shulaveri and Haji Firuz...
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    Boian Culture (4500bc) - Shulaveri descendents?

    Boian… Yes, Boian! So, what happen to the Shulaverians (Shulaveri-Shomu) moving West? We know that the ones fleeing to the passages into Kuban river became Svobodnoe, Mesokho, etc. Lets make another digital connection never done before. I had already said that the Kumtepe girl (KUM6) was a...
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    Reich and Krause in the same boat

    Some blogs (yes, that one) are getting their heads around it: As per latest Reich book, he thinks PIE was in South Caucasus. Like Johannes Krause had also shown last year as his believe . I am sure in time “everybody already knew”. Even steppe fanatics. Let me state again, for future memory...
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    The many tales of I4110 , I5884 , I6551 ... and I6601

    Ukraine_Eneolithic --- I4110 (the most Caucasian); I5884 (the R1B Z2103 without steppe); I6551 (1/3 EEF/CHG/EHG) Alberto (commenter at Eurogenes) modelled Bell Beakers using this new samples from Olalde and Mathieson. Check it out...
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    Shulaveri Shomu aDna

    Shulaveri Shomu aDna. Just to be out there. Since Ashot Margaryan et al 2017 ( there there is some Mtdna for this culture. By all measurements its not typical Anatolian or West Eurasian Mtdna. H2, H15a1a, I1. I will not...
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    Iberian Neolithic M269?

    It just has been published the R1b-M343 (xP312xU106) Y-DNA tree by Sergey Malyshev. ( I don’t really know them, don’t know how credible this things are. However two things are remarkable. a. They, like Genetiker, put ATP3 as M269 and...
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    Genome diversity in the Neolithic Globular Amphorae culture and the spread o IE

    Supplementary material from "Genome diversity in the Neolithic Globular Amphorae culture and the spread of Indo-European languages" Published on 13 Nov 2017 - 13:07 It is unclear whether Indo-European languages in Europe spread from the Pontic steppes in the late Neolithic, or from Anatolia in...
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    The Bell Beaker by Olalde and Reich et al. 2017

    Guys, abstract is out Abstract: The Bell Beaker Complex (BBC) was the first widely distributed archaeological phenomenon of western Europe, arising after 2800 BCE probably in Iberia and spreading to the north and east before disappearing at the latest by 1800 BCE. An open question is the extent...
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    Eurogenes New map of Yamna admixture (Eurogenes Steppe K10)

    YES. What I don’t get it is why every time I raise those options I get immediately eviscerated by ten guys (especially at eurogenes!). Maybe you Angela can enlighten me a little bit. If Karelia was EHG (and already R1a). If there is SHG which is a mix of EHG and WHG, if apparently there is...
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    Are NonMetric Dental Traits a good proxy for aDna?

    My Opinion is yes. aDna is sexy and has a lot of “Bang” but at a very expensive “buck”. Nm dental traits are not really subject on environmental conditions like some skeleton an Crania monuments. Pretty much a genetic marker. Reading papers such as “Do nuclear DNA and dental nonmetric data...