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  1. LaSentinelle

    G25 G25 Calculateur Antiquite

    Target: Dmitry_scaled Distance: 1.6228% / 0.01622775 | ADC: 0.25x RC 43.2 Fenni 37.4 Wend 8.2 Illyrian 5.6 Celtic_Britons!!!! 5.6 Italic
  2. LaSentinelle

    G25 G25 Modern (Over 10,000 Individuals)

    Holy mother of Mutts... :p Target: Dmitry_scaled Distance: 0.4341% / 0.00434085 17.4 Russian_Pskov 15.0 Polish 12.8 Swedish 12.2 Hungarian 9.0 Ukrainian_Zakarpattia 8.4 Vepsian 7.0 Lithuanian_SZ 4.8 Dutch 4.2 Serbian 2.4 Mari...
  3. LaSentinelle

    DNAGenics Shared Modern Origins (Ethnicity Estimate?)

    I assume the 1.2% of Asian comes from my Siberian admixture, which in turn comes from my finno-ugric admixture.
  4. LaSentinelle

    DNAGenics Shared Modern Origins (Ethnicity Estimate?)

    Would of probably worked for me if it was 'East Slavic' instead of 'West Slavic'. I assume my finno-ugric admixture was registered as 'Finnish' by their calculator. Also, my Speculative results are even better Arigato Gozaimasu!
  5. LaSentinelle

    Genomelink’s global ancestry - XGMix algorithm for deeper DNA analysis

    Genomelink is ass. Doesn't work for Eastern Euros
  6. LaSentinelle

    What's your favourite Romance Language?

    Resurrecting this old thread. Out of all Romance languages I'd probably go for French and Latin. Portuguese sounds too slavic. Spanish is alright and Italian's probably the closest thing we have to Latin (when compared to other living Romance languages), but French still sounds better.
  7. LaSentinelle

    G25 All Around The World IA Averaged

    Distance to: Dmitry_scaled 0.04973068 Sweden_IA.SG 0.05405166 Estonia_IA.SG 0.05785436 Norway_IA.SG 0.06011417 Denmark_IA.SG 0.06088043 Netherlands_LIA 0.06359604 Sweden_IA_2.SG 0.06748120 England_IA 0.06864930 Czech_IA_LaTene 0.06953360 England_EastYorkshire_MIA_LIA...
  8. LaSentinelle

    G25 G25 Global List

    Distance to: Dmitry_scaled 0.02768547 Polish 0.02884748 Polish_Superavg 0.03215118 Belarusian 0.03434622 Ukrainian(noCossack)_Superavg 0.03590654 Slovakian 0.03744687 Czech 0.04219885 Finnish_Superavg 0.04441047 Lithuanian_Superavg 0.04470534 Hungarian 0.05013317 Slovenian...
  9. LaSentinelle

    Crime New map of gun homicide rates by country

    It's interesting how Russia is really high up in the chart because it's really hard to get a gun owner's license in Russia. You have to go through a bunch of check-ups, medical examinations, pass an exam on firearm safety, and only then you might have a chance of getting a positive reply from...
  10. LaSentinelle

    G25 World Countries Calculator k105

    Distance to: Dmitry_scaled 0.01597905 73.20% Poland + 26.80% Finland 0.01659604 68.60% Russia + 31.40% Germany 0.01666140 61.80% Russia + 38.20% Czech_Republic 0.01688352 71.20% Russia + 28.80% Austria 0.01725403 77.60% Russia + 22.40% Belgium 0.01727912 75.80% Russia + 24.20% Wales...
  11. LaSentinelle

    G25 World Countries Calculator k105

    Distance to: Dmitry_scaled 0.02730427 Russia 0.02840043 Poland 0.02889601 Belarus 0.03160227 Slovakia 0.03434622 Ukraine 0.03884573 Czech_Republic 0.03983296 Estonia 0.04441047 Lithuania 0.04564663 Sweden 0.04579387 Hungary 0.04988812 Slovenia 0.04989626 Croatia...
  12. LaSentinelle

    K36 Tool for K36: your similarities rates on maps

    Interesting, how I'm closer to Poles, rather than Belarusians, because the DNA test I took says that I'm part Belarusian.
  13. LaSentinelle

    Question Viking warriors haplogroup and Nordic culture

    Yeeeah, there's also that thing where Turkish nationalists claim that ALL languages come from proto-turkish and that Jesus was born in a remote Turkish village (Anatolia didn't even have turks back then? But ok.) Turkish and turkic nationalists are always a joy to listen to. Just as many...
  14. LaSentinelle

    Question Something odd with my Illustrative DNA Ancient populations mixed mode.

    Is it just me or are my results somewhat illogical? Shouldn't there be some consistency when going from one age to the other? How come I'm a central-euro/siberian mix in the bronze age, a balto-balkan mix in the iron age(where did the siberian component go? Into the 'baltic' part? Then where...
  15. LaSentinelle

    G25 Neolithic List Using Averaged Coordinates

    Distance to: Me_scaled 0.13791774 Yamnaya_Steppe:Ukraine_EBA_Yamnaya 0.13930522 Yamnaya_Steppe:Russia_Samara_EBA_Yamnaya 0.20884468 Anatolia_Neolithic:Turkey_Boncuklu_N.SG 0.21242901 Anatolia_Neolithic:Turkey_Boncuklu_N 0.28860930 WesternHunterGatherer:Spain_HG.SG 0.30898592...
  16. LaSentinelle

    Y-haplogroup may not effect your phenotype at All. Pashtuns Jadoon tribe O2-M117 76.32%(old O3)

    yDNA has little if anything to do with a person's phenotype. If you take a white R1a man and move him to Japan, mix him with a Japanese woman, and all of their consequent offspring would be male, his great-great-great-great-greatgrandson would have R1a haplogroup but his phenotype would be 100%...
  17. LaSentinelle

    G25 Ancient European Calculator (Scaled)

    Distance to: Dmitry_scaled 0.08079725 Corded_Ware_Early(POL_CZE_BALTIC_GER) 0.08194356 Scythian(UKR_HUN) 0.16918617 FIN_Levanluhta_IA 0.20033364 Western_EEF(ESP_FRA_ENG) 0.20289898 Balto_Slavic_HG_Simulated 0.21055698 Maykop_Kura_Araxes(RUS_ARM) 0.23012847 Eastern_EEF(DEU_HUN_AUT)...
  18. LaSentinelle

    G25 G25 Vikings in the world by Nicolas

    Distance to: Dmitry_scaled 0.03656902 Poland_Bodzia:VK156 0.03726277 Sweden_Gotland:VK473 0.03734689 Russia_Gnezdovo:VK272 0.03762396 Sweden_Oland:VK354 0.03799682 Denmark_Jutland:VK340 0.03802850 SWE_Viking_Age_Sigtuna:vik_urm160 0.03820145 Sweden_Skara:VK397 0.03906255...
  19. LaSentinelle

    Share Your IllustrativeDNA results Ancient and Modern

    These results are all over the place. I mean, I can probably understand the 'Volga Finnic' component because some of my ancestors come from south-western part of Russia, which has some Moksha and Erzya people living there, but Germanic, Illyrian, West Finnic, or Central/Western/North-Western...